Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hyphen Goes to Fun in The Sun Bazaar

Hey, hey! It's summer and we definitely need new stuff for this season. Time to buy those summer-worthy accessories and stock up on makeup products which will look good on us for this summer. I have missed a few bazaars and it's all because I've been saving up my money for Jin's stuff and vet check-ups. I'm gonna be a good momma to her. Anyway, there's an upcoming bazaar that I might visit since sweldo-days will fit in their chosen selling days; but I must remind myself that I need to limit myself with the purchases. 

The FUN IN THE SUN Bazaar will be on March 12-31,2012 at the Shoppes @ Victoria (Victoria De Manila Condominium), Taft Avenue, Manila. I miss my Taft days. Yep, I took my college degree at St. Paul University Manila and I'm a regular Rob Manila tambay during my college days. But, hey, every Paulinian is! Haha! So I'm quite excited to go back to Taft and I'm gonna be dragging a few friends to this bazaar. I also worked for about a year in Taft so Taft has really been so dear to me.

Another thing I'm excited about regarding this bazaar is the fact that Hyphen will be there. Woooh! First and last time I saw Hyphen in a bazaar is during the centennial bazaar of DLSU and I can't wait to go there and hang out at the Hyphen booth. But this is not the big news, guys. My readers will get a 20% off Hyphen accessories and 10% off on Hyphen Luxe and cosmetic products. Awesomeness, right? But, you have to tell them the secret password only for those who have read this blog post. The password is: GELLEESH. Just tell it to them and they'd give you the discount.

the maaaaap!
If you want to meet me and also make tambay at the Hyphen booth with me, you can follow me via twitter (@gelleesh) for updates as to when I'd be going there. Most probably it will be after payday. Oh, and don't forget to check out Hyphen Curiosities in Multiply: Tell me what date are you planning to go? ;)


  1. Wow, good for you, you get to shop in a bazaar that's open for more than two weeks! :)

    Stef of Life and Fever

  2. I go to bazaars mostly for veggies and food but never for makeup. Hmmm.. safe naman di ba? :)

    1. Hyphen sells original makeup. Guess you just need to find a trusted suki for makeup in bazaars :)

  3. thanks for letting us know about this dear! :)


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