Sunday, May 20, 2012

Shop Feature: Queen Alice Accessories

My sister and I have a knack for cute stuff and we often cosplay conventions not just for the cosplayers but to shop at the bazaars. You see, it's not everyday that you get to buy cute anime-inspired stuff and the cutest accessories fit for a lolita cosplayer. The last convention we've been at was during the 2012 Otaku Expo. My sister was mainly interested with the anime figures, since she always buys one during conventions, while I was drooling over the super cute accessories, top hats and lolita stuff. You see, I've had lolita addiction back in college and there's still some left-overs left in my heart.

During our stall hopping, we dropped by this stall selling super cute onigiri necklaces! My sister and I love onigiri so we didn't hesitated to buy them. We bought each for PhP150.00 and then I grabbed their calling card so I can further check what other stuff they sell. I'm just so interested. The name of their shop is just so lolita too - Queen Alice Accessories

What They Offer:

Image from Queen Alice Accessories 
Image from Queen Alice Accessories

Image from Queen Alice Accessories
Queen Alice Accessories showcases handmade and hand-sculpted accessories made from premium polymer clay. They make kawaii charms to custom made charms and also hand-stitched mini top hats, headbands, and they also accept bulk orders for party favors. Pretty creative, huh?

Where to Find Them:

You can visit their Facebook Page: for order or you can stall hop in cosplay conventions because there is a big chance that you'll see them there. They started the business in 2009 and have been active in cosplay/anime events held in SM, Ayala and Robinsons Malls.

Shop Verdict:

My onigiri necklace from Queen Alice Accessories
If you're looking for awesome polymer clay made accessories, you may want to check out Queen Alice Accessories. Buying my first accessories from them was like love at first sight. I wanna buy more. I wanna buy some rings and charms and lockets from them as well. Not all at the same time but soon. They've got cute stuff at reasonable prices. You would never want to miss checking them out! ;)

What do you guys think?


  1. I like kawaii accessories a lot~! Will check out their booth at a con next time:D

  2. the onigiri necklace is so cute!

    1. love it too. my sister's onigiri necklace is cuter kasi the onigiri is crying and may kagat sa gilid. kulit ;)


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