Monday, May 21, 2012

Back to Doing Nail Art

I've been super busy lately that I've taken for granted my nails. It's been a long time since I last did a nail art post and I hope you missed them because I'm coming back soon! Well, why you ask? It's all thanks to! You see, they sent something lovely and I just can't wait to use 'em for my next nail art. Well, by now, you probably know what I'm talking about and I hope you're also excited!

I received this nail stamp and scraper which comes in pink (it normally does come in pink) and this template which has adorable prints on it. I can't wait to go stamp-a-palooza on my nails this week because I'm gonna try 'em on. I'm also gonna be coming up with a mini-tutorial on how I do it in case you're kind of wondering how the nail stamping works. is an online shop which sells false makeup products, wigs, false lashes and nail art tools. Upon visiting their website, it feels like I'm in one of those beauty blogger wonderland. So many cosmetics, so many wigs I would love to try on and nail art templates plus false lashes! I just can't stop browsing their website. Thanks so much for the template, nail stamp and scraper. Can't wait to use 'em on my next nail art post!

Oh, and before I forget. Say Happy Birthday to for they're celebrating their 5th year anniversary and for the whole month of May, you get an auto-discount of 25% off! OMG! That's just an exciting news. What a treat to all makeup lovers and nail art addicts! So, guys, don't let May pass you by without buying something from KKCentralHK and let's celebrate their 5th year with love and support! And, after their birthday month discount, I still have another secret to share. All my readers will get a 10% off from KKCenterHK just by typing the unique coupon code which is: gelleesh. Now isn't that exciting? So on your next KKCenterHK purchase, don't forget to use the secret code I just shared to you guys!

Till next post! ;)


  1. Looking forward to seeing the nail arts you'll come up with! :)

  2. Wah I don't have big enough area on my nails to do a lot of nail art. :P

    I wanna try their lashes! Need paypal money! :))

    Btw, I have a giveaway going on. :D
    Nin Monster in Manila x Asian Vogue Shop Php1000 GC Giveaway

  3. ooh looks so cute! can't wait to see the designs on your nails :)

  4. I wanna see na the nail art! I can never do my own nails...sobrang hirap! :)

    1. I love doing my own nails kaso wala lang time xP


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