Thursday, May 10, 2012

Travel Diary: Gelleesh Visits Cebu (Day One)

MJ | GELLEESH (I know, I look exhausted!) | Dave
I've been continuously ranting about how stressed and exhausted I am because of the upcoming APPEND Summer Camp which will happen first week of May since our org will be hosting it this year. Our department is responsible for producing the videos to be played during the event and we're also in charge of the video documentation and recap video to be edited and played during the event. PLUS! I'm one of the performers/dancers for the event. We'd be performing a dance number for an African-Christian song: Bayete Ingkosi (choreography by yours truly), Name Game (an 80's dance hit) and an excerpt from the musical, CATS (which is the biggest pressure of 'em all). So now, let me tell you how my first day in Cebu went.

Call time at the office is at 12noon as our flight is at 3pm in NAIA Terminal 3.  Traffic will be a bitch so best be early, right? I think I've got the most number of bags because I have a (1) stroller bag for my clothes, (2) a shoulder bag for my personal stuff, which needs to be hand-carried, (3) My laptop bag and (4) a tote bag containing all the makeup we'd be using for our CATS production. Reasonable, huh? So, unlike other people who tends to be 30 minutes late, our office has a strict on-time policy. We really left at 12noon. 

So there, we arrived at the airport, checked in our stuff and waited. We're riding Cebu Pacific so it may not come as a surprise that our flight was delayed but at least it's only for an hour (I think) so it's all good. Flying to Cebu was fun not because of the games (because I didn't win any) but because of my companions. It would be the first time of some of my office mates to ride a plane and go to Cebu. *Inisan blues* "(Name of officemate), where's your passport? Baka hindi ka makasakay ng eroplano niyan!" Hahaha! Jokes like that made me laugh out loud. I got the seat beside the window and the view was just awesome! I love seeing the islands of the Philippines.

Touch Down!

Okay, our event would be at the Waterfront Hotel in Lahug, Cebu City but due to limited budget, we stayed at the Cebu Grand Hotel during our first night. During our first night lang naman! The hotel itself was okay but the view outside of the hotel is B-O-R-I-N-G. It's like it was built in the suburban part of Cebu. Dinner was not much of a delight but was okay and I wasn't able to take much pictures because we were just so tired of the flight. After the dinner, we decided to enjoy the night before the day of the event officially starts since we know we'd be like super dead-stressed once the sun shines the morning after.

The Night Out

We decided to go to Ayala and looked for a place where we can just eat and chill out. We found Moon Cafe which is a Mexican-inspired restaurant. It was not my choice and I'm not a fan of Mexican food since I'm not into spicy foods and not much of a taco-eater either; but majority wanted to go there so I had no choice. We already had dinner a few hours before so no heavy snacks. We just ordered pizza, nachos, and shakes. They even have this shake named, Stress Buster which was ordered by most of my officemates. I forgot the name of the shake I ordered; but it has a spritz of some sort in its name. Price of the food is pretty reasonable and we enjoyed our stay in the restaurant. It pretty much gave us that Mexican-feel but the staff were pretty slow. 

(L-R) Dave | Sir Jofel | Ma'am Maris | Vince | Sir Ronel | Ma'am Lee | MJ
No, we didn't drink because we need to be up early the next day. Sorry guys, no booze stories. Hahaha! But we had a great bonding session, chikahan moments. No work talk only fun stuff. After our bonding session at Moon Cafe, we kind of felt tired already and decided to go back to the hotel. Upon getting there, sleeping was so easy for my roommates; while I am not used to sleeping early. I unpacked and re-packed my stuff just so I have something to do that night. I wasn't able to go online because I forgot to get my laptop from one of my officemate's bag. Hehe. I slept at around 1:00am and that's one of the earliest time I've been able to sleep. You know that!

(L-R) Dave | Sir Jofel | Ma'am Lee | Ma'am Maris | MJ | Vince

(L-R) Dave | Ma'am Maris | GELLEESH | Sir Ronel | Sir Jofel | Ma'am Lee | MJ

During the first day, I just can't wait for the following days to come esp during the free time when I'd be able to go out during the afternoon and see some sights in Cebu. So that pretty much ends my first day in Cebu. Wait for the Day 2 post pretty soon! Till next post! ;)


  1. fun pictures, looks like you had a great time. Ive always wanted to go to Cebu!

    1. Cebu is such a wonderful place. It's called the Queen City of the South here in the Philippines :)

  2. looks like you had a lovely and fun time in cebu sis.

    1. I really did. My post will be until Day 5. Wait for it ;)

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  4. Naloka naman ako sa mga dala mo. 3 bags? ikaw na talaga... lol Bagay kayong magsama ng friend ko 4 days lng kami dyan pang isang buwan ang dala.


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