Monday, May 14, 2012

Travel Diary: Gelleesh Visits Cebu (Day Two)

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"Early morning, she wakes up. Knock, knock, knock on the door..."

Okay, there was none of those knocks, but yeah, had to wake up early for my second day in Cebu because it's officially the first day of the APPEND Summer Camp. My heart beats fast because I dunno if I'm prepared for our dance number for that day. So upon waking up, I took a bath, changed to my working clothes for the day and headed to the ground floor of the Cebu Grand Hotel for the buffet breakfast. Hotel breakfasts are always the best meal you'll ever eat in a hotel based on my experience. True enough, Cebu Grand Hotel's buffet breakfast was awesome. *Burp*

After the buffet breakfast we already have our bags and was transported (finally!) to Waterfront Hotel in Lahug, Cebu City. The facade of the hotel is just awesome; you'll feel like you're in a palace of some sort. Definitely 5-star worthy (as it really is). We were asked to leave our bags at the lower ground floor where registration of the APPEND delegates take place. Soon as we arrive in the venue, Dave and Vince took out the video cameras and started shooting while I headed to the Pacific Grand Ballroom with Sir Ronel and Sir Jofel to check out the venue where we would be dancing. 

After a few more hours of shooting, practicing and dry-runs we finally got to check in; but I can't take my things to my room yet because I need to edit the day's recap AVP and we decided to set up my MAC at Dave and Vince's room. After editing, I finally got to go to my room, set up my stuff and piled my makeup on top of one of the tables. Sorry to my roomies (Mayfe and Janet)! My bed was beside the window so AWESOME! So I took a quick bath, put some makeup on and went down to the Pacific Grand Ballroom for dinner.

There always has to be a mirror shot when you're with your girlfriends at the CR! LOL
Dinner at Waterfront Hotel was okay. Not overwhelmingly delicious but passed my taste buds. Like what I've mentioned earlier, breakfast is always the best meal in all the hotels I've stayed at. After the dinner, we had our makeup retouched and prepared for our first dance for the event - Bayete Ingkosi.

Dancing :)
"Bayete, Bayete Ingkosi... King of kings!"

There's ME as we escort one a flag of one of the MF-NGOs present :)
It was a 5 minute, or so, dance which tired our legs; but was all worth it. I think we did a great job.  Congrats fellow KMBI dancers, our hard work really paid off! So after the opening ceremony, it was slumber time for the delegates; but us. I just took a quick bath and went to Ma'am Maris' room because my MAC was transferred there. Now we have to edit the next recap.

(To be Continued...)


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