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How To Survive: The Expensive College Life

Some of my College Buddies! #PAULINIAN :)

Being in college is one of the best chapters in my life. It’s a time for discovery, meeting new and awesome friends and also it’s the time when you’re almost having all the privileges of an adult but still quite young to ask for your allowance. Those were the days. I miss being in college. But you see, going to college also costs a lot of moolah and you’ve just got to do and make some ways in order to cut off some expenses and help out your parents! I’m lucky enough to have finished college without having any financial difficulties; but that doesn’t mean that I’m gonna slack off just because dad and mom can afford to pay for my tuition fee; I’ve also done some ways on how I can help out reduce their expenses for my education.

What I did? Well, my parents doesn’t want me working because they want me to focus more on my studies but I also did my part in order to help out with my parents:

1. I study hard and make sure I don’t fail anything

2. I’m a bad liar so I never bothered cheating my parents on the expenses for my school projects

3. I tried saving up my allowance so I can just buy the stuff I’d be needing by myself

I mean, those are just simple ways but mom and dad are already quite glad that I’ve done my part. Thank God I have already graduated. But I just discovered this website, which would help a lot of college students in saving up some moolah. First of all, I wished this existed here in the Philippines and at the time when I was still in college; but I’m glad that I have some US-based readers so I might as well post this one to help out some of my US-based readers and hopefully, they can share this to their friends and relative who’s in college or going to college.

Say hello to! You all know how expensive books can be and there’s this doubt if you’d really buy one because often times, you’re just gonna be using the book for one semester and you’re done. Well, there’s a cheaper... WAY CHEAPER ALTERNATIVE to buying books. Why not rent one? So, what are the advantages of renting textbooks instead of buying? Well, I dunno with other book renting services; but if only I live in the US, I would most definitely try Campus Book Rentals.

1. You can save 40%, hell even up to 90% off of book prices.

2. FREE Shipping both ways (receiving and sending the book back)

3. YOU CAN HIGHLIGHT in the text books! (This is such an amazing treat)

4. They have flexible renting periods (Just tell them how long you’d need it!)

5. Be able to donate to Operation Smile with each text book rented (Imagine, you’d be able to use a text book for less and you’re actually doing a good deed)

You see, you’ve got lots of things to gain and none to lose when you actually rent textbooks from them. If only this kind of service is available in the Philippines I would probably rent a couple of books about communication theories to help me with my thesis!

I’m glad that services like these are actually popping out to help those college students who really need to lighten up their finances.  If you’ve got more questions, why not watch this amazing FAQ video they’ve made:

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