Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm Ready to Look & Feel Great

I know I've been blogging about this event non-stop but can you blame me? I mean, this is an event one shouldn't miss especially those who are genuinely and obsessively (ehem) concerned about their health and wellness. Ever since I started working out and eating less, I've been on my ups and downs with regard to my health. You see, there was a time when I wasn't eating at all; because I was scared of gaining a pound after a meal (but, hey, that's wrong), there was a time when my stomach would vomit the food I take and I dunno why (but I'm glad that I'm over that phase) and now, I believe, I'm doing it right this time. I'm eating REAL food and I added more cardio to my workout. Hehe.

Well, you see, the Look & Feel Great event is not just about being healthy and fit and all of that. It's also about, yes, beauty too. As a beauty blogger, I always have this itch to try out something new. Yes, there's always the risk of getting zits but I'm doing this to satisfy my own natural curiosity for new and cheap products and not to please anyone. Haha! I never learn, actually. But, recently, my skin has been immune with different chemicals because I haven't had a major zit since I started using some of the products I'm currently in love with to maintain a zit-free skin. Wanna know what I use? ;)

Anyway, I received the e-newsletter from (yes, I subscribe to newsletters and I really read them) saying that they'd be bringing one of their top sellers at Shopinas and it's none other than - SNOE Beauty! I was like WTF! For real? You know how in love I am with the Snoe products and it's because (1) they've got such amazing and effective products and (2) they're a Filipino brand! I'm really proud of Snoe because of the great quality products they offer. Philippine brands are really stepping it up. 

I'm not gonna be buying too much on this event because I'm actually saving up for something; but I might not be able to resist buying, at least, just one product. Hahaha! Here are the top 5 new products I would love to try from Snoe: (1) Fresh Custard Face & Body (2) Under Armed Forces Whitening Cream and Deo Spray (3) Body Wonderland Slenderizing Gel (4) Little Miss Perfect 5-Piece Daily Travel Essential and (5) Here Comes the Sunblock SPF45 Instant Rosy White.

So, beauty blogger friends, there's another reason for you to drop by at the Look & Feel Great 2012 event. I bet there's more booth there which will satisfy our beauty cravings and I just can't wait to drop by at each booth and drool at the stuff they'd be selling; 'cos, you know, I'm on a tight budget. Hahaha! I just also want to see the program they've prepared.

One of the media partners - SG is So Gelleesh ;)

So, this is it for now, I'm just bombarding you with my excitement over this event. Again, see you and let's be ready to look and feel great! ;)


  1. Seems like a great event! :) Have fun!

  2. What day ka pupunta Gellie?I hope to see you and other bloggers :)


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