Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Big Cynos Inside Hair Care Launch

It's been awhile since I attended a blogging event. Reason is always because I've been super busy; but if there's an event I'd really, really be interested in attending, I won't dare miss it and would definitely find ways to attend it. You see, a few weeks ago, I received an invitation regarding the Cynos Inside Hair Care Launch at the Diamond Hotel in Manila. It's actually a Hair Fashion Show too so I was super interested. I mean, I haven't been in one and lately I've been pretty obsessed with coloring my hair and inventing hair styles for it; so my heart says I shouldn't dare miss it.

I went to the event with my new blogger friend, Chrissy of Cosmetic Fixation. There wasn't any awkward moments during our first meet-up, actually. She was fun to be with and I enjoyed her company. I'm glad I found someone really nice I could go with at the event. I didn't know anyone who would go so I had to ask through a Facebook group as to who would be going to the event and thank God it was Chrissy. Her beauty blog is actually one of the blogs I enjoy reading.

Anyway, upon arriving to the event, Charm (the one who invited us), gave us our media pass and asked us to go inside the Diamond Ballroom and find a comfy place where we can see the show well. We decided to sit at the front since it also says that it's for the media, and well, we're considered as one; hence the sticker they gave which I slapped on my left booby. There were finger foods and wine all over flowing. But I was more excited with the Hair Fashion Show. How does a Hair Fashion Show actually goes? That's what I keep asking in my head.

First up was Tinette Ozamiz-Puyat. What I noticed from the hairstyles she has presented was that they were all wearable, subtle and chic. It's definitely the hairstyle, which most kikay girls would love for their hair. For the live demonstration, she used a Cynos product to keep the model's curly hair on one side. Very classy and chic look, indeed.

EPIC Hair! Me wants! :D

Next was Hanz Olivar. What I noticed? His models' hairs were all edgy and something I would love to try for my own. Even his hair and his assistant's hair was something I admired. God! He's just so awesome. If I were a hair stylist, I would love to be Hanz Olivar. He's got kick-ass ideas and you'd just be surprised at what he has got in store for you. For his demo, he did a quick cut on his model who has white highlights and he unveiled the longer strands of hair hidden on the model's clothing. One compound word for Hanz - Kick Ass!

Last, but certainly not the least, was Alex Carbonell. My thoughts? Gorgeous. My mouth was half-open, I think, while I was watching his presentation. I mean, come on, it's not everyday that you'd see someone cut hair while wind blows through the model's hair; or fix the hair while lying down. I mean, that's just crazy and insane but Alex, did it so well and I was really impressed. The crowd was also going crazy during his presentation. He even got his assistants styling models too at the background. It was so overwhelming.

Well, the event is not just about the fancy hair fashion show. Ms. Rosa Ramos Cinco, the General Manager of Cynos Philippines, introduced the Cynos Hair Care products. A bit of a background about Cynos. You see, Cynos is derived from the word Cynosure which signifies the ambition to lead the way to fashion. CYNOS is also translated to: CYcle, Natural, Original, System; which basically became the company's foundation and commitment to society. The brand is regarded as a first class professional hair care line products conceptualized in Korea.

There was also a time in the event when the models went down stage and went around holding a Cynos product. Chrissy and I weren't able to catch one of the models holding a product; but thank God that they gave us something to try once we get home. I won't be posting the pictures because it's a surprise for a product review I'd be coming up with soon. They gave us the Cynos Hair Thairapy Shampoo and Conditioner and the Cynos Body & Thairapy Morocco Argan Oil. I'm actually, currently using the shampoo and conditioner while I'm still contemplating on the Argan oil because I actually want to keep it with me forever. Hahaha! I love argan oil.

Anyway, you can check out more of Cynos on the web by visiting their Facebook page by clicking THIS. Also, for more official and better looking photos (haha!) you can click THIS. What do you think of the event? Are you curious to try out their products? Till next post! ;)


  1. This is actually the first time I've heard of CYNOS, but this event seemed so fun. I don't exert a lot of effort with my hair, but if I had thicker strands, I'd love to have it curled and styled nang bonggang bongga! :) I'm curious about CYNOS products though, hopefully I get to try it soon.

    1. I'm using their Thairaphy shampoo and conditioner and I love what it does to my hair :)

  2. Looks like a really cooooool event ah! :)

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