Saturday, June 02, 2012

OOTD: The Pour Down

Hey everyone! How's your weekend so far? I had a pretty exhausting Saturday! You see, I attended the wedding of a relative from Cavite. The wedding ceremony was held at the Our Lady of Lourdes church in Tagaytay and call time was 7:30 AM. So, we needed to wake up at 1:00 AM and be on our way by 3:30 AM. I wasn't able to sleep and I've told you guys about it. During the whole trip, I was snoozing. Expected.

The reception was held at the bride's place in Amadeo, Cavite. The weather wasn't very cooperative but the smiles on the faces of the bride and the groom lit up the whole event. After the wedding reception, we dropped by to my Aunt's place somewhere in Cavite (or was it Laguna), I do not know of. But they've got such a cool place because they have a vegetable haven! Yep, they harvest fresh fruits, vegetable and organic plants from their lawn. They've got ginseng, egg plant, cherry tomatoes, rambutan and many other stuff planted. We were able to bring home some fruits and veggies. Hello, healthy living!

Now, onto my outfit for the day! My top was a blouse I bought from Red Hot Chili Jeans from way back early college, my mini-skirt from Kisses & Co., Nude pumps with animal print heels, a pink satchel bag from Hyphen Curiosities and a ring from Hyphen Curiosities as well.

#FACT: I actually love seeing wedding marches. 

I saw the bride as she walks down the aisle, while Bryan Mcknight's Marry Your Daughter song played, her father cried. It was such a very touching moment. I hope I get to be married someday. Aww... On the way to the reception area, me and my two sisters were talking about our dream wedding.

[image source: click here]
"... Sealed in this box is a ring for your oldest, she's my everything and all that I know is it would be such a relief if I knew that we're on the same side." - Marry Your Daughter, Bryan Mcknight.


  1. Oh, so that's why you had to wake up at 1am! :)

  2. Fierce, Gellie!! I remember when I tweeted "my clothes are not age-appropriate" before and you responded that you were also suffering from the same dilemma. I believe you're finally done renovating your wardrobe. :) Peg ko yung bag mo super cute!

  3. Great.. The heel look suit to you

  4. awww natouch naman ako sa quote! :) i love attending wedding ceremonies too! Sometimes i get teary-eyed kahit sa mga movie na may wedding scenes!! :P

    Btw, i hope you'll join my blog giveaway:

    1. Hehe. I wanna get married na nga tuloy eh. Hahaha! :P

  5. love the whole outfit, gel! love the shoes! :))


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