Monday, July 16, 2012

Travel Diary: Gelleesh Goes to Baler - Ditumabo Falls

I found out that the reason why Kuya Joseph initially took us to the Lukso-Lukso Islets and Digisit Falls was to prepare us. Prepare us for the Ditumabo or as how the locals call it, the Mother Falls. Before going to the Ditumabo Falls, we, first, decided to eat our lunch at the Rolling Stores near the Museum. But I won't be posting the details of the meal here since I didn't really took some pictures because I was too hungry to do so. Anyway, to make things short about the Rolling Stores, they have big servings of rice and very inexpensive meals. Okay, now onto the Ditumabo Falls!

I have heard so much about this. Almost all of the blogs about Baler, which I've read prior to planning my trip there, always make it a point to visit the Ditumabo Falls. What's the big deal about this anyway? I actually haven't really tried nature trekking that's why I'm quite excited to try this out. A lot of the blogs I've read actually told of the really awesome and exhausting experience upon getting to Ditumabo Falls. How will I tell mine? Sit back, relax and have fun as I'd be narrating it in Taglish (Tagalog-English) so that I can express myself better.


That was the noise the tricycle was making as we headed down the path going to the falls. It was a truly rocky road (not the ice cream flavor, but literally). I felt like the parts of the tricycle will start flying off any moment but I guess they're pretty used to this now. I told myself, "Konting tiis na lang. Malapit na 'to!" My butt kind hurts now and my body was bumping to the side of the tricycle, which eventually, gave me bruises. "Tiis Gala!" Upon getting to where the other parked tricycles were, I said, "Ang ganda naman dito!" Then Kuya Joseph said, "Hindi pa 'to. Maglalakad pa tayo mga 40 minutes." Oh, okay. The first part was okay. The climbing part was kind of exhausting; but I said, this is what those cardio workouts were for! It did pay off. Then, we had to cross a couple of streams. Kuya Joseph told us that we picked the right time to go to the falls; during the rainy seasons, the water in the streams would be a lot deeper; hence it would be more difficult for us to cross it. There were times when I'd slip; but no cuts, thank God! 

Pagod na pagod na pagod na ako! Malayo pa ba?

No, I didn't say that out loud. I was being kick ass and all and I don't want my companions telling me I'm so exhausted because I'm fat. Hahaha! There was even a time when my foot got stuck between rocks because I slipped. Hahaha! It was a scary and fun experience. The scaries part, actually, was the last bridge-like slippery cement we'd be crossing. One wrong step and you'd slip and fall off. I was quite scared because I'm a bit clumsy, naturally. Good thing I didn't slip. Thank God.

Upon reaching Ditumabo Falls, all I said was, "It was all worth it." However, I wasn't able to swim because I actually have my period; but the sight was really worth it.  Thank you, Lord for places like this! Going back was actually pretty easy and if I am asked to go back again I would definitely say yes. Would love to swim on my second visit. Never mind the exhausting trek, It was super worth it.

(To Be Continued...)


  1. awww heart your vacation pics you look like you had such a fun time and it's SOO beautiful there!

  2. wooow! that's a nice place!! <3 and love the photos too! :D
    hope I can go there someday <3

    Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)


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