Monday, June 25, 2012

Travel Diary: Gelleesh Goes to Baler - Digisit Falls

I'm back with another Travel Diary post! And, yep, it's still about my Baler trip. I've seen a falls before, I think, I really don't know. Hahaha! But they're not those overwhelming once which you'd remember for the rest of your life. That is why I'm excited for my Baler trip because of the Ditumabo/Mother falls which I have been hearing and reading from travel bloggers a lot. So, when I gave Kuya Joseph (our hired tricycle driver) our itinerary, the Ditumabo falls was there; but Kuya Joseph added another falls, which may not be as overwhelming as the Ditumabo, but still worth seeing.

After our Ermita Hill visit, our next stop was at the Digisit Falls. When our tricycle stopped at the Digisit falls, I thought we're just suppose to admire it from down below; but NO! Kuya Joseph told us that we're gonna climb up for the full experience. I was like, WTF?! Well, it was a steep climb and I haven't climb anything before. Promise! You know that I'm just starting out with my travel adventures, right? So, this is a first for me. However, I'm proud to say that even if I'm a bit on the heavy side, I'm quite an active person so I said... "Keri to!"

However, there were times when I'd slip and I looked awkward climbing up. Hahaha! I'm scared to fall, I mean who isn't? Kuya Joseph makes it look easy but it wasn't, or at least, not for a first timer like me. Upon reaching half way, I thought it's already the end; but again, NO! Kuya Joseph wants us to climb up more and see the root of the water. "Kuya, baka hindi na ako makababa," I told Kuya Joseph, but he said, "Kaya mo yan!" He's very persistent.

After a hundred years, finally, we reached the limit. IT WAS ALL WORTH IT.  It wasn't an overwhelming falls; but it was really beautiful. I actually don't want to go down because of two things: (1) It was very beautiful at the top and (2) I might go stumbling and rolling down! Hahaha! But, thank God, I got down safe, I have a picture and the beautiful memory.

To be continued...


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