Monday, October 29, 2012

A Call to Support the Local Beauty Industry

 Hope you're all having an awesome week, guys. I'm glad that my week started great. You see, I received a message from HBC that my prize and blogger kit is ready for pick-up at my chosen HBC store. I was just so excited for Monday. You see, HBC is one of the beauty brands I trust and I know a lot of you do to. It's one of the comfort beauty brands of a lot of Filipinas because they've been in the business for years! Plus, they've got good customer service in every branches I've visited and the products are very budget-friendly and good for our Filipino skin.

A week or two ago, I was one of the HBC fan page likers who liked a picture, which is actually a raffle contest. Although I have no intentions of winning, I still liked the picture out of my support to the brand. But luck was on my side and I was picked as the winner. Oh, and thw winner was drawn via digital raffle so no one from the HBC staff knew about it. I was just informed and tag by someone if it was me who won and to my surprise it said: Gelllie Abogado. Oh shit. That was me! I won a SanSan lootbag and you know how much I love SanSan because it's just so affordable and reliable at the same time.

The prize was inside an eco-friendly brown paper bag and came with a thank you card. You're welcome, HBC! So, they gave me a SanSan Cheek Blusher in Rosy Blush, the SanSan False Eyelashes, the SanSan Creamy Matte Lipstick in Nude Brown and the SanSan Long Wearing Lip Sheer in Peach Glow and in Nude Brown. I honestly can't wait to try 'em all and give you my thoughts about these products. I'm actually itching to try the creamy matte lipstick. 

Now for the blogger kit, I received 3 of their 5 Hair Treatment Cremes. Gosh, I've 3 huge tubs of hair care products. It will take me a lot of time before I finish all of 'em and to think my hair spa creme tub isn't out yet. They gave me the New Improved Hortaleza Professional Henna Wax Hair Treatment, the Hortaleza Professional Coco Milk Hot Oil Treatment and the Hortaleza Professional Black Pelan Hot Oil, which I've already used before after coloring my hair. I've developed a good relationship with the brand  because I do love and support the local beauty industry and HBC has pretty much known my beauty routines so I guess that's why they have decided to give me 3 hair care treatment cremes because I love experimenting and coloring my hair. HBC's passion is to release the beauty in each and every Filipina.

Trust me when I say that the local beauty industry has been really stepping up. You know how So Gelleesh supports the local beauty industry and I will never get tired of promoting this advocacy. My blog will serve as the voice of the local beauty industry. I will not stop using and reviewing Filipino-made beauty products so that every Filipina will be knowledgeable at how reliable and affordable the Philippine-made beauty products are and to help the local beauty industry improve through my reviews. I'm also calling out all my fellow beauty bloggers to stand up and support the local beauty industry. Let's be proud of our own!

Stay gorgeous, everyone!


  1. Yey! I've tried na yung lip sheers, creamy matte lipsticks and cheek blushers nila and they're nice, esp the blush. Hope you like them too. Congrats on winning! :D I like how 'personalized' our blogger kits are. Hahaha I received their body scrubs which I've been raving about <3

    I wanna hear your thoughts on the Coco (?) milk treatment! Parang ang nice eh :)

    1. I'm wearing the creamy mattw lipstick now and I love the chocolate-y scent. Hehe. True that! The blogger kit was based on what we love and what suits us best. Will post my review after a few weeks of trying out the hair creme treatments. I'm so excited :)


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