Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Because We're Sisters and Bestfriends


I can still remember what my sister said to when she was a graduating High School student and I was in my 3rd year in college, “Hindi ako sasama kahit kalian sa’yo…” (I won’t go with you ever…) It was harsh, I know; but believe me, I do understand. You see, I was the black sheep (daw) of the family and I’ve done so many crazy things in life that people around me never thought that I’d actually be able to graduate on time. But I proved them all wrong, my sister included.

Just like the usual sisters, we’ve had our fair shares of fights and arguments; but in the end, we’d be able to resolve things and we’re back to being sisters. But that’s the point, we’re just sisters. When she got into college, that’s when she started asking for my advice and, finally, opening up to me. She developed a passion for anime and manga, so I encouraged her to blog about it since she’s quite good in writing as well. Then we started going to cosplay and anime conventions together, and then going out on dates every Valentine’s Day and for our Birthdays together… We just became best friends.

Last Saturday, I deemed our Serendra date to be something very important because we haven’t gone out in like months! I have an event to attend to, supposedly, and I didn’t attend the afternoon session for my Global Leadership Summit Seminar just to be with her. That’s how important our time together is. You see, she stays with my dad in their apartment in Manila because it was quite exhausting for her and my dad to go back home in Valenzuela every day. And lucky for her, they got a place near her school (DLSU-Taft).  So she only goes back home every weekend and we’d often stay up late ‘cos we’d catch up with each other’s life and just watch anime whole night.

We met up at the Ayala MRT station (since she’d be coming from Taft and, while I’d be coming from Boni for my GLS) and rode a cab going to Serendra. She wants to do food hopping for desserts but, just hang out some place she’s never been at and have coffee. Well, she hasn’t been to Serendra so I opted to just bring her there.

Our Lunch (L) My Pork Garlic Blah-Blah and (R) My sister's Beef Blah-Blah
She accompanied me, first, for my waxing and V Blush session at Strip in Serendra and then we had our lunch at Seattle’s Best and I’m glad that I’ve managed to have her order a non-coffee drink. I feel like she’s superbly overly caffeinated. Haha!  We hang out there for like an hour and we were just talking about her projects at school, stuff at work and just plain catching up. Afterwards, we walked for a bit and she was not quite in the mood to eat cakes or gelato (which she initially wanted to try out) so we dropped by Power Books to check out something and then we went to Market! Market! And tried our luck in watching the Breaking Dawn Part II but to our dismay, lines were full. Sucks! We passed by a Candy Corner stall, bought some Licorice and Bottle Cap candies and went to Fully Booked Starbucks to hang out for some coffee and munch on our candies.

Our outfit posts! (L) Me in a DLSU Shirt | Guess Skinny Jeans | Erb & Chet Flats and NYC Bag and (R) Sis in her Second Closent Mustache top | Lee Shorts | Keds Sneakers and EGG Bag P.S She doesn't want to show her face
I ordered an Iced Toffee Nut with Splenda while she’s sticking with her Iced White Chocolate Mocha. My sister’s collecting stickers for the planner, while I’m sticking with my Belle de Jour planner. We just sat there, talked and laughed for hours until we realized it’s almost 6:00 PM. I finished my coffee and she asked for one last stop at the 4th floor of Fully Booked to check out a manga. But, disappointingly, Bakuman (Volume 1) wasn’t available. So we just walked all the way to Market! Market! for the bus going back to Ayala, wherein I was, initially seated, until an old lady came in and none of the guys wanted to stand up and offer her a seat so I opted to just stand up and give her mine. I was actually embarrassed because she kept looking at me and thanking me. I just said, “okay lang po. Mabilis lang naman byahe po eh.” Then we hopped on to another bus from Ayala going to Monumento and then a jeep from Monumento to our home sweet home.

YES! Caught her off guard! That's her! :)

It was a fun date with my sister. We’ve become sisters/best friends. We’ve also talked about moving in together after her graduation and getting our own place where she could display all her toys and I could keep all my makeup… I just love her.

This post is not about physical beauty, it’s about one of the many beauties of life. Having a sister/best friend is one of the things I’m thankful for. I could never open up to someone else as much as I’ve opened up to my sister and the case is same on her. Hope you can drop by her blog too, which is an anime/manga/Jculture blog: TheBlacksheeproject.blogspot.com.

Till next post!


  1. Awww wish my sister and I were as close as you and yours!! :) So sweet Gel!!

    The Misty Mom

  2. Sweet! Sister Love is awesome! Me and my sis don't get to bond as often as before but I also treasure our moments together. Looking more awesome by the way. Hope we see each other again sometime soon!

  3. How I wish I have a sister too :)

    1. It's really fun to have a sister you can really be close with :)

  4. Sounds like fun! I used to always want a sister.

    <3 Melissa

    1. True, it's fun having a sister who can be your be your bestfriend :)

  5. I've always wanted to have a younger sister. I am the youngest girl in the family and my sisters are way tooo old for me. Happy for both of you! =)


  6. awwww love this post! sister love. my sisters are my bestfriends too!

    1. Aww... It's nice to know you have the same relationship with your sisters :)


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