Monday, November 05, 2012

Sample Room - Try Before You Buy

As a beauty blogger, I have this sort of an addiction in trying out new beauty products and then afterwards, I’d go put it up in my blog to share it with my readers. However, trying out new products isn’t always an awesome experience. Sometimes, they may give you breakouts, they might not look good on you and you can’t always try out the swatches at the store because they’re quite unhygienic. Hence, I often end up buying the full-size because you can’t just ask the store for a sample to take home, right?

So, when I got the news about Sample Room I was actually thinking of it as another one of those beauty/lifestyle boxes coming up. I’m actually planning on subscribing to one soon but when I found out what Sample Room really does, I said, “shit, this is perfect!” As their tagline says it, “Try before you buy.” Now doesn’t that sound exciting? No need to worry about buying the full-size and wasting money especially when the product doesn’t work well on you.

Sample Room is a sampling site that banks on the power of free product sampling. It is an online community that changes your beauty-shopping pattern; and an interactive community where your opinions matter and where all beauty lovers are valued.

Are you excited? I sure am! And I know you might be asking, “How does this work? Do I have to pay to receive a monthly box of some sort?” Silly! You get to choose, which product you want to sample and when you want to receive it! Here’s how:

1. Register at and be a member. Being a member makes you qualified to get free samples from Sample Room

2. Finished with the registration? Tada! You get 100 points in your account. You can use those points to get samples of products based on the sample roster, which Sample Room has.

3. Each corresponding sample has a given number of points for it to be availed. Use those points to get the sample of the product you want to try out.

4. After choosing, proceed to checkout and pay for the shipping fee and handling fee. Sample Room charges a standard shipping fee and can accommodate up to 3 samples.

5. “Ding-dong!” Your samples are at your doorsteps now. Time to try ‘em out!

6. Log-in back to and rate and review the products you’ve tried!

I can’t wait for the official launch of Sample Room. I’m itching to know what products would they be featuring and can’t wait to share with you all the products I’d get to choose to try. Now go and subscribe to now to receive email updates. Oh and you may opt follow them too in Twitter: @sampleroomph and LIKE them in Facebook:
Till next post!


  1. Excited about this too! Very unique concept :D

  2. Heading there now. Thanks for the info. :-D

  3. oh wow that's really cool with they had this here... monthly subscription boxes are kinda annoying in the sense you can't pick what you get so sometimes you get awesome things and sometimes you get things you won't ever use! but this is awesome you get EXACTLY what you picked out!!!

    1. I almost subscribed to those beauty boxes but upon knowing about Sample Room here in the Philippines, I just had to skip and just do this one. xD

  4. Now THIS is a subscription box, hopefully the choices are good.

  5. I like boxes like this cuz you get to try out stuff and sometimes if it doesn't work out it's ok cuz it's only sample size!

    1. True. Plus this one gives u the option to choose, which product u want to try :)


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