Saturday, December 29, 2012

Because Real Women Shouldn't Have a Mustache

We’re all mabalbon in the family. Even the hair on my head grows faster than how the normal hair grows that’s why I’m not quite scared of trying out new hair styles because hair grows back fast just like that. I have hair on my arm but it looks really feminine and I find it quite sexy so no problem about that. However, even way back in high school, I’ve had problems with my hairy legs. I mean if they’re the sexy kind of hair, I wouldn’t mind it but they’re kind of curly, EWW! I know. I even have noticeable hair on my upper lip... Double EWW! I mean, no offense to those who do have ‘em too, and to those who will get mad at me for thinking this is not a good thing. Please let’s not get started with, “this is what God gave me so I should accept it for what it is...” Just like how my wanting to lose weight, this is just about the same. I want to do something about the hair on my upper lip because it doesn’t please me and I want to look better. It’s not about not having enough confidence; it’s about investing and putting in effort to improve yourself.

In college, I tried plucking my upper lip hair and I told myself, “tiis ganda!” But the process was too painful for me to handle sometimes. I cannot pluck off all the hair and it’s just a pain in the ass to do it. So when I found out that spa and salons do offer upper lip threading, I gave that one a try and I’ve been doing that till now.

Last working day, I decided to drop by at Templora Dermatologica in Malabon. It’s one of my most trusted spas and it’s where I’ve had my first ever facial way back. I got myself a diamond peel session and an upper lip threading but I was offered, instead, the IPL treatment for my upper lip. I’ve heard of it and I know what it is, but I haven’t given it a serious thought until now.

So what is an IPL?

The machine! :)
IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light, which is used for permanent hair removal. I don’t know much about it and I don’t think I can give a very thorough explanation as to what it is. All I know is what the acronym stands for and what it is for. Haha! But, yes, it’s supposed to remove your hair permanently after a number of sessions, which will depend on your own hair growth. At Templora Dermatologica, the IPL treatment costs P1,200 per session but I took the package of P12,000 which is unlimited IPL treatment until your hair never grows back again. For someone who has got fast hair growth, it’s a sweet deal already.

The Hair Removing Experience

I was asked to go in their IPL room and it was quite comfy, actually. I really have no idea as to what will happen so I was excited and nervous at the same time. Dra. Iris (the owner of Templora Dermatologica) oriented me as to what will happen and then she called the spa attendant who’d do my IPL and then go! My upper lip was shaved and then the attendant put on covers for my eyes, gel on my upper lip and flashes of light and fast tolerable burning sensation was felt on my upper lip. It’s not really like the painful kind of burn but more of like really fast warm light, which passed by your skin – something like that. The procedure was done in less than 15 minutes and my upper lip felt smooth afterwards.

I was advised to not wet my upper lip till the next day and was given and post-treatment cream, which will be applied on my upper lip for 5 days every morning and night. The cream costs P200.00 and I’d be using it during after my every treatment. I’d be going back every three weeks for my treatment and I’m excited to see the final result. I’ll keep you all updated, k? :)

P.S. I was not sponsored nor paid to do this post. I just feel like sharing my beautifying experiences with you all.


  1. Who else has curly leg hair? ME!!! Thinking of getting diode lasers. It worked great for my underarms. It's too expensive though. In the meantime, I'll have to make do with shaving.

  2. ayaw ko na ren magshave~ gusto ko na mag ipl!
    may nakita aq sa isang website philips ipl..
    kaso feeling ko mahal kasi sayo na yun! siguro pag bibili ako nun makikihati ako sa sisters ko :)

  3. Awww.. that's better! Panget nga naman if you are a girl but you have a mustache. Hihi.

  4. Same ba yung rate nila sa ibang parts ng katawan (arm pits, legs)? My sister wanted to have IPL done on her pits, kaso the spas/clinics near our place is about 4K. Ang mahal lang.

    1. Iba-iba ang rates eh. Depende sa part. Mine is 12k ang package for my IPL treatment. And, yes, it's expensive nga but worth it :)


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