Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua

A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting...” – Christian Dior.

I’m not really fond of buying expensive perfumes. I remember once my dad gave me something from Givenchy, which I really loved but never considered purchasing a next bottle because I was still in HS and I didn’t think it was worth all the money. Well, considering the fact that I was kind of boyish back in HS, though. Then in college, I was gifted with a Paris Hilton perfume, which was okay but it doesn’t really seem to smell awesome on me like the Givenchy one. So, after it, I never bothered purchasing the perfume again or any other perfume, actually. Well, I did buy some body sprays but that’s just about it.

Now that I’m (ehem) working, I feel like I need to have my signature scent now. So, when I saw that Sample Room (SampleRoom.ph) offers the Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua for women, I told myself, “Why not give this a try?” And so I did and when it arrived, I wasn’t at home and have gotten my hands on it the morning after; but I need to go to work quick because I’m gonna be late so I put the Xend package in my bag and opened it the moment I arrived on my desk. Yes, it came in a small sample size bottle but it is here to be sampled so why complain? Haha!

A bouquet of aquatic florals and warm musk with a clean natural elegance...

The Good Bits:

It’s not the kind of scent, which will make heads turn and will smell even if you’re a mile away (okay, hyperbole). But it’s the kind of scent, which will be noticed once you’ve gotten close to someone and they’d say to their selves, “this girl has got a nice elegant scent.” Now this is not a head turning moment, but it will make someone fall in love with you. Another hyperbole but that’s what I think it does compared to those strong smelling perfume, which may make heads turn but I’m not really attracted to those kinds of scent. I love that it has a subtle and feminine scent, which leaves an elegant and classy remark on someone once they’ve smelled it on you plus I love the fact that this perfume has synced well on me.

The Bad Bits:

Perfumes are luxuries. ‘Nuff said.


I love the scent and it’s one of those perfumes, which would be part of my options. I would still want to try more scents though so I won’t be buying this yet. I cannot make an impulsive purchase. I’m in the process of saving up money for something more important. But I’m giving this perfume a rating of 10/10. Perfect for me, but remember that perfumes work differently on everyone so what might work on me, might not work on you; hence samples! Thank you, Sample Room!

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