Saturday, January 05, 2013

NOTW: That Classy Corporate Girl on My Nails

I am not fond of using neutral/earth tone colors on my nails. I’ve always had this impression that they won’t look good because they’re not the usual cute colors. I prefer having pinks and purples or red when I’m feeling sexy. But lately, I’ve had this knack into buying and using such colors and, well, it looked good on my nails.

It’s the simplicity that just makes it beautiful just as it is. I haven’t been playing much on doing nail art because I’ve been quite busy with work and all but maybe I’d be back soon. But as for now, I’m quite enjoying these simple and mature-looking nails. I look so corporate, huh?

Oh, and I’ve just had a change of brand. Well, not by choice though, but no regrets. I used to buy Caronia base coats and stuff but when I visited Watsons in Monumento, there weren’t much Caronia products available so I opted to just choose Bobbie. Again, no regrets so all’s good!

Prior to applying the nail polish itself, I used the Bobbie Basic Base Coat and then after applying the nail polish, I used the Bobbie Basic Special Quick-Dry and both are, mind you, toxin-free. As for the nail polish I used, I bought the Chic Nai Polish Glaze in Ash.

PEG: Simple and classy girl. I will be laying off the adventurous me for the meantime just because the nails got me! Hahaha! Sometimes, even your nail color can put you in the mood for something or for a change of style once in awhile. Amazing, isn’t it?

How about you, what’s your nail color this week? 


  1. That's true, I used to ignore nude nail polishes thinking that it doesn't make sense. If you want your nail nude, then don't wear any nail polish. I've only appreciated it recently, it really makes the hand look neater. Just as how your nails look in the photo.

  2. That color looks really good as a corporate one.

  3. Is the Bobbie Top Coat really fast drying? I love my Caronia top coat but I want to try different products. :) Pretty color!


    1. Hindi naman super like stand-out yung pagka-fast drying; but for the price, it's worth it :)

  4. ohh the color is so pretty the perfect taupe!!!! classy and chic!

  5. Love the color.

    XX, Jenniya

  6. Nice nude color! I'm still in my bold colour nail polish phase but I'll probably go for nudes soon after my nails take a break from all the polishes I keep making them endure. Haha! :P

  7. I didn't know Bobbie has a base coat now. I might go find that one, Caronia gets thicker too quick kasi.

    Right now, my nails are color blue.

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