Monday, January 14, 2013

Sakura Hand and Nail Cream

And I thought I wouldn’t need a hand cream.

I can still remember my review of the Saizen Hand Cream in Strawberry and how I’ve said that I don’t think a hand cream is a necessity; well I think my thoughts on that one just changed. A few weeks ago, I received my prize from and part of the loot was the Sakura Hand and Nail Cream. I took it to work and placed in on my desk and honestly, I got hooked.

Sakura Hand and Nail Cream contains Niacinamide which conditions and nourishes your hands and strengthens your nails.

The Good Bits:

The packaging is normal looking and comes as expected, which is not really a plus plus point but it’s pretty okay. The scent, well there’s nothing really wrong with it but it’s just the normal lotion-y or cream scent, which  is, again, expected so nothing totally awesome about it but it’s good.  So, I know you’re asking if its claims really work. Well, I never thought it will but it did. My hands feel so moisturized and it really did strengthen my nails! You see, my nails have been prone to breaking these past few weeks maybe because I’ve been applying nail polish for too long, I don’t know... But for some reason, they’ve gone brittle. So when it claimed to strengthen nails, I gave it a shot and after two weeks of regularly using this product, I wasn’t disappointed. My nails felt healthy and stronger and it isn’t brittle anymore.

The Bad Bits:

None I can think of, so far.


It’s not just for your hands but also for your nails. It’s an awesome product, which is worth trying. I am giving this a rating of 10/10. Thanks to the Peachy Pink Sisters for this product for without it, I wouldn’t be able to find the solution for my getting brittle nails. Very timely prize, indeed! Oh wait, I don’t where I can buy this product, does anyone have a clue?


  1. Now you got me thinking if I need this hand and nail cream as well! :D My nails have become quite brittle na rin, even if I don't frequently use nail polishes >.< In case you know na where to buy this specific hand and nail cream, let me know ah. Would love to try this one for myself :) Thanks Gelz!

  2. Nice review. I think I may try it for my nails, too.

    1. Go, then! Let's search where this baby can be bought. LOL

  3. ooh, I've seen this somewhere but never really had the chance to try it! looks really nice =)

  4. This is perfect for mani-pedi addicts since it strengthens the nails. Will try this out soon! :D

  5. Interesting. I've never used nail creams before. For strengthening my nails, I turn to my Elianto nail strengthener pero don't know where to get one pag ubos na :( This product seems like a good alternative :)

  6. I have to get one of this very nails are chipping off and its making my nail polish look awful! :(

  7. My nails have been quite brittle as well these past months and I am getting rather concerned. Thanks for this review! I will give this a try and hope that my nails will stop chipping/breaking/shedding(?)

  8. Thanks! I Love your Blog! :) so Useful and Interesting.. :)


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