Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tony Moly Hot Pepper Body Gel

Slimming coffees to slimming juices and pills and stuff... People will never stop looking for ways on how they can easily lose weight. There would be testimonies on how people have really lost weight from it but the real question is – is it the safest way? There could be like side effects and, well, it doesn’t work on everyone. I’ve tried using slimming coffee and it just gave me a migraine. So, honestly, for me, the safest way is still diet and exercise. But of course, there’s the occasional trying out of other products especially if it looks safe enough like the Tony Moly Hot Pepper Body Gel I bought because it was on sale.

Spicy pepper extract including capsaicin creates slender body with firming and lifting effects.

Directions for use: Apply an appropriate amount evenly to the entire body, concentrating on the thigh, abdomen, and waist areas, using a massaging motion. Apply as often as possible to see firming and smoothing effects. For better result, apply it immediately after taking a shower.

Honestly, I can’t believe I bought this. It was too impossible to believe that this thing would really work but because it was so cheap (since it was on sale) I guess I didn’t mind. I actually had this stuck at home, not using it until I started going back to the gym again this month. So, my thoughts?

The Good Bits:

First of all, since I got it on sale, the price for the quantity of the product was fair enough. The scent was okay so I didn’t have a problem on that part and the packaging is pretty convenient since it’s like the upside down kind of thing so you can always squeeze out the product easily from the tube. Honestly, I lost a few inches off of my waist since I use it only on that part as a test of some sort. So if you will ask me if it works, I guess, maybe it does but make sure that you do it with PROPER DIET AND EXERCISE because that’s how it worked for me.

The Bad Bits:

Since it has capsaicin, it will release a slightly burning sensation on your skin so it might not be an awesome experience for some of you. Oh and I don’t think you can rely on this alone.


Slacks from work doesn't fit me anymore. And take note, this is not stretchable, okay? It really is loose now. :)
For all the lazy asses out there, this is not a holy grail. It might have worked on me but it’s because I go on a diet and workout as well. But I have really seen a significant and faster slimming on my tummy area than in any other parts so I guess this helps but DO NOT SOLELY RELY ON THIS PRODUCT. I don’t know how I would rate this product, hmm... Should I rate it based on if it will work without you working out or based on how this product worked on me because I’ve been working out too? Tough decision to make so I guess I’m passing on the rating part. But my over-all comment on this one is that it might help you on losing a few inches off of whichever part you want your fat gone or to slim down but do not solely rely on this because it might not work that way. You see, it always boils down to having discipline. Why don’t you give that a try instead?

Till next post!


  1. Ooooh... cool! Ma-try nag when I decide to be serious on my diet. Hahaha! Discipline... where are you??? hahaha!

    1. Haha! Lalapit din yang si discipline kalakip ang tamang motivation! :D

  2. oh wow that's pretty insane.. haha i don't think i would like to put that on myself.. i don't like anything that feels "tingling" hahaha..

    you do look like you've lost weight though you look fantastic!!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! Well, would love to try safe products and make recommendations to my readers :)

  3. Ooooh.. This is something new for me. I never thought a slimming lotion has already been invented XD I'm currently doing Hip Hop Abs and Insanity and while I feel I'm getting stronger, I think I could use some help with trimming off inches from my waist. How much did you buy this, Gelz? Parang gusto ko din! :D

    Anyway, you look amazing! Buti ka pa you can go on a diet. It's the one thing I wish I can do, pero being a food blogger, parang sobrang mahirap ata :(

    1. I think regular price is around P700 siguro but got it on sale for less than P500. Try it out!

      At least if you can't go on a diet, add up on the physical activities para you can make up to the food intake. Hehe! Good luck to us! :D

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