Monday, January 28, 2013

Cynos Pliancy Shampoo and Conditioner

Maintaining a healthy and vibrant looking hair is one of my missions as a beauty warrior (okay, blogger). I have been known as the girl who is very adventurous with her hair and all and I’ve ruined my hair a couple of times too but it’s all in the past now. I have learned how to really take care of my hair and just because I want to look edgy and fierce and all that means that I have to let my hair suffer. Our hair, after all, is our crowning glory. Have you experienced having a bad hair day? Doesn’t it totally just ruin your mood? You become less productive, you feel less beautiful and you become less confident. I spot a lot of less there, eh? So choosing the right products to help you along the way is really crucial.

Last Christmas, Cynos sent me their Pliancy Shampoo and Conditioner. It was sort of like a Christmas gift from Cynos and you know how I loved the last pair of shampoo and conditioner I’ve tried from them so I was super excited to try this pair out.

Cynos Pliancy Shampoo

A new dimension in professional hair care, CYNOS shampoo series repair hair fiber, restore hair’s luster. Various choices are developed to satisfy different hair needs. It contains vitamin B3, a moisturizing ingredient to smooth the hair resilience. The gentle formula replenishes moisture, leaving the hair healthy, pliant and shiny. Regular use may help to improve the hair condition.

Cynos Pliancy Conditioner

Highly designed for all hair quality, CYNOS conditioners will not only restore the injured hair effectively, but also provide rich nutrition to dry and injured hair. Making hair more and more shining and pliant; it has a unique and revolutionary formula, more than a detangler. Pliancy Conditioner is a treatment that nourishes and deeply hydrates the hair, so it restored luster, shine and suppleness. It also affects the texture, making hair easy to comb. Efficiency will be improved when combined with the use of CYNOS Pliancy Shampoo

The Good Bits:

The Shampoo and the conditioner <3
A little goes a long way. Unlike how I use regular shampoo and conditioner wherein I’d have to pour a hug amount on my palm because of my thick hair, for the CYNOS Pliancy Shampoo and Conditioner it’s actually the opposite. You’d feel squeaky clean and the conditioner will really moisturize your hair without having to waste much of its product. I love the look of its classy packaging so thumbs up for that and the scent for both of them is amaze-balls. Love it to bits! It has maintained the luster, shine and healthy looking image of my hair I’ve been maintaining. There’s not much to flaunt about my hair now since I always flaunt it in my last posts so this shampoo and conditioner didn’t do a major job for my hair but I’m glad it did a terrific job keeping my hair healthy and looking good.

The Bad Bits:

I love the clicking sound it makes when it closes but when you're in a hurry, it could be quite annoying to put back on.
Although the packaging looks really classy, it can be a bit grueling to squeeze it out of its last drop of product but on second thought, you can turn it upside down easily, but that’s not how it was originally designed though. Packaging is a big deal for me because it makes a difference too. And another thing about the cap, it's just hard to put back on because when you're in hurry, little things like that matters. The conditioner can be too moisturizing, like what I’ve said in the good bits part – a little goes a long way. Don’t go pouring too much on your palm or you’ll end up looking like a basang sisiw (wet chick) all day long. LOL.


The star of this post: MY HAIR! No face shots, just the hair <3
Loads of love for this Cynos pair! This has really maintained the health and shine of my hair. Would I recommend it? Damn sure I will. I’m giving this pair a 9/10. It can be a bit too much for oily hair but if you’ll use a little product maybe it’ll do. But for dry and damaged hair, I’m giving these two thumbs up. Have you tried other Cynos products? Which one’s your favourite so far? :)


  1. Your hair looks really shiny and healthy! Great review!

  2. Where can you purchase this?

    1. You may opt to visit their Facebook page for more details: :)

  3. I can see that it's job is really well done on your hair.

    I am Jenniya

  4. your hair looks 1000 times more healthy than mine! and ya I can see how the product would get annoying when there's a little left, looks like a hard bottle to get stuff out of!

    1. Yeah. That's def one of the cons of this product, the packaging. Brands need to think about little stuff like this too.


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