Thursday, March 21, 2013

Goodbye Unwanted Upper Lip Hair

With the gel thingy on my upper lip applied before the treatment

 I have told you guys about one of my Christmas gifts for myself and that is an Upper Lip IPL Treatment from Templora Dermatologica. One of my frustrations, definitely, is the issue about my upper lip hair. I would, sometimes, be teased about having a moustache and I know that it may not be that much of a big deal to some but it really does bother me so might as well find a way on how to get rid of those not-so-pretty upper lip hair!

I have been religiously following the instruction to not miss an IPL treatment every three weeks and just this week, (March 19, 2013) I had my 5th IPL Treatment session so I told myself, “why not give you guys an update if it really works.” Well, here it is! The process may be questionable to some... I mean, it’s way expensive than threading so why not just have regular threading, right? Well, you know, the “You Get What You Pay For” stuff actually applies in this situation.

From my first IPL Treatment post, I told you guys that it was painless but there was a slight burning sensation; however for my third treatment, the attendant assigned for my IPL treatment told me that the third session would hurt a bit more and BOY IT DID! Hahahaha! The burning sensation was still tolerable but it hurt more than my first two treatments. I can still feel it when I got home (consider that my home is like 5-8 minutes away from the said Derm Clinic). But that’s what makes it more believable, it’s the pain... NO PAIN, NO GAIN they say. So, I guess, it was all good in the end.

After my 5th Treatment. Smooth and hairless!
I had no allergic reactions to the treatment and as of now, I can see the big difference between an IPL treatment and getting it regularly threaded out. You see, even before the three week period ends, hair would be very visible already if I’d be doing threading; but with IPL, hair growth has really slowed down BIG TIME! I guess I’d be upper lip hairless in no time then! I have to admit that at first, I was kind of regretting having purchased the full package but seeing a big difference compared to threading, I must say that it’s just really worth it.

I would still come back for more sessions until I’m completely upper lip hairless as advised by the doctor. Good thing I took the full package or I might regret paying every single visit because my hair growth’s really active and healthy. It’s something I want only on my head not on my upper lip, definitely! I would want to save up and try to have an IPL treatment on other parts of my body. I’m thinking underarm or maybe legs next; but I’d have to think about it, still. No concrete plans yet.

Would I suggest an Upper Lip IPL Treatment? I surely would! If you can afford it and if hair growth on your upper lip is as active as mine go ahead because it’s really worth it. Remember, REAL WOMEN SHOULDN’T HAVE A MOUSTACHE – or at least that’s what I think.

P.S. If you’ve been following my blog you would notice that I don’t blur my upper lip during lipstick swatches anymore because of the absence of my upper lip hair. Hoorah! And I’m not being paid to do this post. I paid for my own IPL Treatment and I am just sharing my IPL experience for those who want to know if IPL really does work.


  1. I take care of my upper lip with the hair removal cream from Sally Hansen. It doesn't work 100%, but I remove the rest using a facial hair remover tool. The one that's like a spring which you can bend? Like this:

    I use the same tool for maintenance as well!

    1. I've seen the spring facial hair remover but haven't given it a try yet ;)

  2. Naalala ko nanaman to, on how they where able to convince you to get an IPL. :P hihih... Nice one though.. It will be for the long run :) good thing you didn't have any allergic reaction :)

  3. Hello :) i read your post about your 1st IPL session.. That really encouraged me to avail templora's IPL full package on my underarms. I was really tired of plucking and shaving. At first i was also thinking i shouldn't have availed the full package right away but reading again your post made me think it would be worth it.

    1. Glad to know that I've helped you with deciding :)

  4. thank you for sharing. this has been dilemma!


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