Monday, March 18, 2013

Release the Alpha Female in You

I have always believed that one’s shape, size or look should never appear as a hindrance to his/her success and that is one of the reasons why this blog is here. I want every women in the world to have the confidence to fulfill their dreams, to be successful and to be happy whoever they are or whatever their shape or size is. I want to be an example that I may not be thin, I may not be the normal fashion blogger people would usually admire, but I know that I can be beautiful in my own and unique way; and well, you can be too!

One of the brands I support, Erzullie, just released their Corporate 2013 Collection during the Secret Sale Event last February 16, 2013 at Caffeccino in Eastwood City. Afterwards, it was opened to the public during the Supersale Bazaar on March 1-3 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. It is, indeed, a special collection for the Erzulliestas did request for it!

The theme for this collection is “Alpha Female” dedicated to all Erzulliestas who are “at the head of their game” no matter what career path they or rather we have chosen. The collection spans tops, bottoms, blazers that combines both texture and fabric manipulation to create a whole new chic, modern and professional look that can also translate from one part of an Erzulliesta’s lifestyle to another.

The world of fashion wasn’t very friendly to plus-size women, but thank God to brands like Erzullie, we can now all be fashionable whatever our size or shape may be! Looking for that perfect corporate attire which will look good on me was so much of a drag especially when I was bigger. But fear not ladies, for brands like Erzullie now exists! Brands which firmly believe that everyone should have the privilege to look chic, fabulous and classy! Visit for some plus-size lovin' shoppin'!

Let’s rock this world, fellow Erzulliesta!

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