Sunday, March 10, 2013

NOTW: Being Playful

I haven’t been putting nail polish on lately because it’s been a bit hard to maintain them since I’ve been really busy with my full time work. I wish blogging is my full time work no?

I kind of have plans for the weekends so I think it’s time to prettify my nails a bit. They deserve and I know that they’ve been dying to have a makeover so I spared some time for my dear nails. Oh no, I didn’t go a nail spa, I don’t need to. Well during the most desperate times of stress-related stuff I will but my DIY nail kit can handle this, thank you. And I’m actually, also, saving up for something so I need to be really disciplined with how I spend my moolah.

So, I grabbed my nail care kit and cleaned my nails and put some color on ‘em and voila! Here’s what I got. This is kind of an experimental thing. I don’t really have anything in mind so it’s like a spontaneous nail art design of some sort. It kind of looks childish and messy but hey, I had fun doing them. I feel like a kid with a blank sheet of paper in hand and some crayons!

So, basically, I applied one coat of the SanSan Nail Polish in Blue Sapphire then for the tips I used the SanSan Nail Polish in Emerald Green. Now I can’t seem to find any bobbi pins around so I opted to just use match stick, dipped them in my SanSan Nail Polish in Perfectly Pink to create those cute adorable dots on top of the Blue Sapphire polish.

I wish I can do another Nail Of The Week soon after this. I miss doing nail posts and, well, I just didn’t have the luxury time anymore to go and do nail art stuff. But, there’s in hoping and trying, right?

Updates! Updates!

·         I already had my 4th session of IPL and I’m gonna have my 5th in two weeks time.
·         I’m gonna be doing some home workouts because I kind of don’t have that much to go to the gym but that doesn’t mean I should stop working out, right?
·         I am currently supporting this new partylist focused on Microenterprise Development, APPEND Party List.
·         I have been going out during the weekends so if you wanna hang out, tara! LOL

Anyway, I guess that’s all. Have a great week, everyone! :)


  1. I liked how you played with the different colors, cute nails!

  2. ahhh so cute!! this polka dot nails is adorable love it!


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