Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Snoe White Vitamin C-Rich Calamansi Whitening Detox Clay Mask

I have no intentions of getting a whiter complexion. I mean, I love my skin color and it just shouts Pinay power, eh? So those whitening products don’t really appeal to me much. I honestly believe that we can all be beautiful whatever our shape or even skin color is. Agree? So when I went to Snoe’s Valenzuela branch and looked for a new skin care product to try out, the Snoe White Whitening Detox Clay Mask caught my attention not because it has “whitening” in its name but because of the word “detox.”

The Snoe White Whitening Detox Clay Mask is Vitamin C-Rich through its calamansi ingredient. You see, calamansi helps eliminates deep-seated dirt that has accumulated within the skin pores. And for those who want and are dying to have a brighter skin color, calamansi can also be used to whiten and bleach the skin. It is rich in vitamin C and Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA), which is a natural astringent that can eliminate black heads and dry up pimples.

Active Ingredients of this detox mask:

Activated Bamboo Charcoal which attracts and absorbs impurities; unclogs pores and removes dead skin cells and removes excess oil and dirt

Kaolin helps in cleansing, purifying, healing, soothing, nourishing and toning all skin types; it also improves blood circulation and detoxifies without leading to skin dryness.

 Collagen, which as we all know, rejuvenates maturing skin, elasticize and softens, delays agingskin, hydrates and moisturizes and improves the skin’s pigmentation.

The Good Bits:

Top: Before | Bottom: After (Dried up zit)
Top: Before | Bottom: After (Smoother, no?)
 For something which promises awesome stuff, it has a pretty inexpensive price. The packaging is adorable, as expected from the brand, and it’s very convenient and easy to twist and open. It doesn’t have a funky smell and it really did do my skin good. It dries up on your face within 5 to 10 minutes (as instructed at the back) but I let it sit on my face for a few more minutes since I’ve been having some bad habits lately so my skin needs some intense detoxifying. It really felt like it was sucking out all the dirt and it did dry up my zits. Yeah, I got zits because I’ve been staying up late these past few weeks and then I have forgotten to take my makeup off and slept with it on because I was super tired and stressed from work. Boo! So after 2-3 weeks of using this product, you can see the improvement through the pictures I posted above. It didn’t dry up my skin so that's great.

The Bad Bits:

I can’t say anything bad about this product. Hmm... Well, make sure you’ve got clean hands upon using this because it doesn’t come with a spatula or whatever so you’d be using your fingers to spread it evenly on your face. Oh and, yeah, it's a bit hard to wash off of your face. Hahaha! 


Two thumbs up to this product! I am giving this a rating of 9/10. I wouldn’t mind buying a bigger tub of this mask though. I hope they could do that; but it can last up to a month and I even use it two times a week. I definitely recommend this product. It’s effective and inexpensive. Awesome, right?  


  1. Looks like it did perform well on your skin! I love Snoe and it looks like I'm adding another of their products in my ever growing wishlist. Thanks for the review!

  2. I've actually emptied mine! I love this mask too! <3

    1. Yey! I'm actually buying another one after ko ma-empty to. :P

  3. Seems like this whitening / detoxing mask have done well on your skin. I have had issues with facial mask not performing as well as I would like it to be or as it claims. You're lucky you found a product that works well for you. Thanks for sharing this review.

    1. Yeah I'm glad that I gave this product a try. :)

  4. Wow, I want to give it a try Gellie. Hindi mahapdi? kasi Calamansi e. :D


  5. wow ang galing :) dati ko pa gusto bilhin to pero the bamboo charcoal thing-y allergic yata ako dun kasi nung gumamit ako ng soap na ganun variant eh pimple galore ako. Would love this sana akung vitamin c and other ingredients na lang :)

  6. nice nice nice! I am so going to try it out! ^_~

  7. Wow this mask really improve the redness in the skin.
    Now i´m following you in GFC and Bloglovin´
    i hope your follow me back.


  8. I love this mask! I even got my sis who visited from Australia to buy one too! Haha! Love the review! The pics really showed how effective this product really is! :)

    1. True. I'm actually amazed when I took the AFTER pics. Kita pala talaga ang difference hindi ko napapansin sa araw-araw pero pag pinag-compare na ang before and after nandun na yung malaking result :)


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