Wednesday, May 01, 2013

NOTW: As Girly as I Can Be

I wasn’t this feminine way back. Believe me. My friends would never have guessed that I would become a beauty blogger and, well, I didn’t expect it either.

I’ve had my fair shares of crushes back in High School but I wasn’t your usual girly type of person. I was one of the boys, I walk like I would punch you in the face if you ever dare mess with me and I hang out with guys most of the time especially back in my senior year in High School. Come college, I enrolled in an ex-all girls’ school, which apparently don’t have much boys yet. I was amazed at how important makeup is to the girls there and how vital it is to have more than one pair of school shoes, a bouncy hair and good nail colors.
I secretly wanted to be a girly girl but it just wasn’t me. But after college, things started to change especially when I got in touch again with one of my elementary/high school buddies, Celine of Now I’m blogging about makeup, and skin care and nail colors! Now look at that. Hahaha!

And because I’m a girly girl now, I’m kind of into pinks hence my nail color for this week. Seeing how my past posts have been all about pink made me just reminisce the past that pink wasn’t always my ideal color since I kind of find it too girly before. But now I know it isn’t. Guys can like and wear pink and still look H-O-T and be really straight. Well, you do get my point.

Last Cosmetologie 2013 event, I bought this Klean Color Nail Lacquer in Holo Pink which is a glittery pink shade. I was actually, initially, thinking if I should use this with a nail art I would just come up with but I’d love to give this nail polish a try first, by itself, before actually combining it along with my other polishes for an inventive nail art look.

A Quick Review:

I love the chic and classy looking packaging of this product. The shade itself is so cute and adorable hence I bought it. Its nail brush is just my type. It’s not too thick, not too thin, just the right size so you can apply it easily and evenly on your nails. I’d definitely be buying more shades from this line because they’ve really got awesome shades and I’d so love to try more.

I used this nail polish on top of my Bobbi Base Coat and used the Bobbi Quick Dry afterwards. It helped with the quick drying of this polish and it will last long on your nails as well. I haven’t tried really taking it off but of course, knowing it’s a glittery polish, it can be a bit tasking to remove. But once I change my polish, I’d surely be updating you regarding that one.

So, what do you think of this nail color? Have you tried anything from Klean Color before? I would love to read your thoughts on this one!


  1. Ang cute! Love the pink base with blue and gold glitters. Tama ba? Yun ang tingin ko sa photos. :)

    1. effect ng light siguro but they come in multicolors, the glitters. just stared at it when u said it looks gold and blue :D

  2. I saw this at Aya tooo bet na betchay ko talaga sya! tagal na nating di lumalabas :D

  3. Oh really lovely nail polsih color sweetie!
    Now I´m following you in Bloglovin´
    I hope your follow me back

  4. been seeing Kleancolor polishes for a while just didn't get one yet. hehehe
    that's definitely a lovey girly shade!

    1. I really wanna get more of their glittery polishes! :)

  5. SO kikay naman ng nails mo... :)Wala akong nail polish kasi mabilis mabura sa skin e. haha


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