Saturday, June 01, 2013

Altec Lansing Bliss Gold - Designed for Women's Ears

I’m a typical girl and I won’t be all pa-cool effect and say that I’m techie although as a blogger I think I should slightly be. I used to be all-knowing with regard to cameras (as my previous job requires it) but aside from that, PC and phone specs often confuse me. There, I’m totally honest! So when I’m buying a new gadget I often look at its aesthetic features or I just grab a techie friend and ask for advice like when I decided to buy my Galaxy Nexus phone and my new pair of earphones – The Altec Lansing Bliss Gold.

I only know the usual and the common brands when it comes to speakers and audio stuff but when I saw this pair of Altec Lansing earphones I was like: “Well, they look good but are they good?” I have been buying cheap earphones because I don’t really care much about the sounds long as I can hear it I thought it was just all the same! I mean, I’m not techie so please forgive my previous statement. But for a pair of PhP1, 075.00 worth of earphones, would it be all worth it?

Well I found out that Altec Lansing is indeed a pretty known and trusted brand and upon consulting a friend of mine (who was with me the time I bought this pair) I decided to shed some moolah and just buy them out and sell my current cheap ass earphone.

The Good Bits:

As per the aesthetic part, I can say that it’s really designed for women. The earphones are designed like jewels and they’re not the usual big earphones which could hurt your ears after long usage. The color I got is in violet (because it’s the only color available) but it also comes in rose (preferred but purple’s okay, anyway) and in pale lilac. The audio is good (compared to the cheap ass earphones I used to have) which pretty much tells me that I’ve been using bad earphones all these times. It has a convenient inline mic with call/answer/end button and the enhanced vocals thrown out by these earphones make it ideal for music, movies and even audio books. I was asked by my friend to check out its bass sound and it has quite an impressive one considering that it’s quite a small pair of earphones! The pack includes XS, S and M sized eartips and a pair of double-flange eartips for improved noise isolation.

And you know what other unique and cool feature this pair of earphones has? It’s the tangle-free cloth cable which makes it more durable than the others and perfect for me since I’m a very careless and clumsy girl.

The Bad Bits:

I hope it can also come with an optional pin of some sort so it won’t fall off when I wear it partially wrapped on my nape (which is how I usually wear my earphones). Aside from that, nothing else!


Would I recommend it? Of course! I’m not the type who is usually a fan of big headphones and stuff since I’m always on the go and big headphones could be bothersome at times so this pair is perfect for my kind. I’m giving this a perfect rating of 10/10. By the way, it can fit your phones and devices with a 3.5mm jack, which is the normal and usual kind for ear phones, if you’re not pretty sure what that is.


  1. Oh are really cute!



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