Saturday, July 06, 2013

Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Rose Lipstick in Carmen Rose

It’s been awhile since my last makeup purchase from my Avon lady. I have been going to malls or have been given various makeup products to try out to even bother looking at a catalogue and end up buying something I might not even like in person. But when I saw my mom browsing through the pages of the most recent Avon catalogue I just got tempted to take a peek and told myself, “why not give the Avon products a try again?

My last makeup purchase from Avon could be back in college but I think it was just some lip tint I have even forgotten about. I didn’t even remember if I liked it or not. So, while browsing through the pages, I opted to order a brassiere and their Ultra Moisture Rich Rose Lipstick in Carmen Rose Shade.

New Ultra Moisture Rich Rose Lipstick with Rose Extract. Over 50% moisturizing ingredients keep lips moisturized for 24 hours. It has Collagen and Pomegranate essence to protect and boost your lips’ moisture. It has rich indulgent color and gives you petal soft lips instantly.

The Good Bits:

The packaging of this lipstick is very classy and sophisticated. It is definitely something I wouldn’t mind having in my makeup pouch all the time or in my pouch on night outs. It has a very mild fruity scent which is something I love from this lipstick. Some people might be sensitive when it comes to lipstick scents but fret not! You won’t even smell this unless you really stick your nose on the bullet and sniff the scent off; hence what I did (because I couldn’t quite figure out how I would describe it for you, guys). The bullet is quite hard so you don’t have to worry on the melting part; but it does glide very smoothly on the lips! Plus, when it says it’s “ultra moisture” it really did give my lips that ultra moisture feel. Although I still prepped them up with balm, you know that certain feel that it won’t dry up your lips. It’s pigmented and doesn’t bleed. Awesome, right?

As for how long it stayed on my lips, upon road test, give it a bit more time to settle down on your lips so it won’t transfer. I had my lunch; it’s still there, although a bit lighter than before and by the end of my 8-hour work, it still left a bit of tint on my lips. Re-applying isn’t much of a drag though so it doesn’t bother me. Oh and it’s inexpensive around P200.00 only.

The Bad Bits:

None, so far.


With Flash 
Without Flash
It’s a lipstick that makes the whole makeup look more sophisticated and gives me that very woman-ly feeling inside. I am giving this product a rating of 10/10. Would I repurchase? I might give the other shades a try; but if this runs out I am definitely buying another tube with hopes that they won’t discontinue this soon. This is too good to miss!


  1. it looks pretty but not as intense that i thought it would be, kala ko red tlga hehe but the color is pretty never the less ;)

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  2. Definitely looks pretty on you, though I would love to see you more :)

  3. It's a really pretty everyday lippie color. ^_^

  4. Looks great on you!

  5. wooow.. the shades looks nice! :D and it looks really moisturizing.. :D

    1. It really is, I'm amazed. I tried not using a balm awhile ago and it didn't dry up my lips. Whew.

  6. I should try this. It's nice to hear that it's moisturizing. My lips are kinda dry. :p

  7. The shade looks fun and girly! I wanna try Avon lippies too, hirap lang maghanap ng agents :)


    1. A lot of my neighbors are in the Avon business so lucky me, then! xD


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