Monday, July 29, 2013

Watching: The Wolverine - Finding Meaning to Eternity

 “Eternity can be a curse. The losses you have had to suffer... a man can run out of things to care for, lose his purpose.” – Yashida

If you have can live for eternity, together with your youth, I bet most of you would go about thinking of all the things you can do. Come on; let us not be hypocrites here. Honestly, it may all seem like it’s a gift, kind of like a God-like feature but on Logan’s perspective it felt like a curse. Okay, here is the deal: He has been through a very emotional stress (enter Jean Grey) and he felt like living is more of a hell than the actual hell itself.

We could all relate to Logan on this part. There would be moments in our lives when we feel like we could never get out of it; that the suffering and emotional torture would be lifelong. For some, they may even come a time when we just want to grab that gun and get this over and done with. Hey, this is not overreacting. Some people really do get that sort of emotion locked all up in their hearts. Or for a more lighter case, how about waking up everyday doing the same old shit and you feel like your life has got no direction. Have you ever felt that?

I have.

Okay, minus the “hoping to die” part, once in my life I have felt like I do not have direction; that my life is one hell of a boring story that I need to escape to. But it only gets that sucky when we allow it to be. You see, life always has its ups and downs and we cannot just wait for things to happen. Just like Logan, we need to jump in with our “Yukio“ and get out of the miserable room we have locked ourselves in and take the risk. Will it be worth it? Honestly, who knows?

We can never be satisfied. That’s a fact. When Logan has his immortality he felt like it was a curse; but when he thought that he is losing it, there was this sudden change of heart. He suddenly found meaning for his eternity. You see, sometimes, we can only appreciate things just as it’s already about to deteriorate. It’s such a stupid thing to do but totally unavoidable, or so we think. Appreciate. Appreciate what has been given to us and the people around us. Keep in mind that we cannot always do things on our own and that life is as happy as how we make it to be.

Wolverine is a good movie and I did see it alone. I was able to appreciate the good fight scenes, especially the one atop the bullet train (oh, I did gasped and held onto my seat, “Logan you’re gonna fall! Oh wait. He is the protagonist. Even if he did, he would still be ridiculously alive”). Logan has a love interest here. Yihee. And she’s got one helluva kickass sidekick.  A little tip, wait for a special surprise at the credits. It is kind of like an expectedly unexpected twist. I mean I didn’t know what it was but when I finally saw it I was like, “Ah, yeah. Of course!

Thank you to Janese of and PMCMEvents Management for inviting me to the special block screening of The Wolverine. I enjoyed the movie and the pop corn and the juice and the photo booth. Oha!

What they did to me, what I am, can’t be undone.” - Logan


  1. I have also watched the wolverine...first of all, logan's sooooo smokin' hot even unshaved... Oh how can that be possible? Ahahahahaha! Anyway, the movie has great lessons which you have already enunerated... I agree that you only appreciate what u have once you're in the brink of losinh it... Everything is a gift or a curse depending on ur perspective, ayt? But thinking about it, i would never wish for eternity... As they say, the concept of death makes you strive for a life well-lived... Coz u only have one lifetime... I wish for a long life... Long enough to fulfill my mission on earth... :-)


  2. i haven't watched it yet!!! i hope i can still catch it on cinemas! :)

  3. woohoo im excited to watch this! i didnt know it was showing na pala :)

    1. ako din eh. not a big comic book fan but enjoyed it naman! :D

  4. i still have to watch wolverine however the fiance does not like. i guess like you, will watch it alone haha

  5. i want to watch it tuloy hehe :P Great Review :)

  6. I just watched it a while ago at Alabang Town Center. Really enjoyed the movie! BF rated it almost perfect 10 :D So nice you were able to watch it on special screening :)


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