Monday, July 29, 2013

The toplessness of Men

There are a few obvious explanations as to why men should be topless; showering, sleeping, sunbathing, swimming or canoodling! However, there are many more occasions than reasons as to why this partial nudity seems to occur so frequently. 

Men definitely at least slightly enjoy having an advantage over women for the fact that they actually can whip their tops off pretty much whenever they want. That’s not to say, they don’t want women to have the same attitude, it’s just slightly less socially acceptable for a female to be pottering around in her negligee! 

If guys get a bit hot dancing in clubs, off comes the top! More than 10 degrees up north, off comes the top! Playing sport, been to the gym, got a new tattoo, proud of your chest hair, got a pierced nipple, dig your own scar – off comes the top! Anyway, you get the picture...

Toplessness is a love of men, it can be reduced to the primitive urge to be naked and cup your testicles while scratching your head. I mean, we all entered this world naked and sometimes wearing the confining attire of a suit and tie or buttoned up shirt just makes you want to rip it off and be topless when you get home, if not completely starker’s. 

At home, this is not a problem; you can do whatever you want under your own roof. But for those times where toplessness isn’t acceptable, men’s t shirts have got your back. As the most comfortable of upper garments that you can choose from to cover your partial nudity – the men’s T-Shirts loose cotton feels like you are wearing nothing anyway. 

For all those occasions that you should keep your nipples and belly button under cover George at ASDA have the variety of t shirts in order to suit all of these problematic situations. Short sleeves, long sleeves, no sleeves; round neck, roll neck, v-neck, button neck; with pocket, with shirt, with stripes; print, logo, slogan; super heroes, celebrities and legends alike, they’ve got the torso-cover-up for all chaps.

You can even buy it in a slightly smaller size so you get that could-be-naked-if-it-wasn’t-for-the-colour-or-logo look. You really can’t get nearer to being topless without actually being topless than wearing a t shirt. Just make sure you pick right, and you never know, you’ll probably notice most women find you more approachable when not initially confronted with nipples. Hey, maybe it’s a good job this summer is set to be another Baltic one after all!


  1. haha just look at the streets of manila (or anywhere in the philippines for that matter).. so many topless men! Some are hot with abs, but most have beer bellies. ugh :))

  2. BAHAHAHAHA omgosh babe you crack me up! seriously funniest blog post i think i have EVER read in my entire life muhahah!! :p

  3. I wonder why are they so comfortable being topless. haha

  4. If there was no social stigma AT ALL, I probably would go topless. I'm a very easy breezy, minimalist kind of girl haha. But growing up the way I did, I can't even imagine!

  5. So love this post sis! Hahaha so true! I remember those movies or shows where a man will like shyly pull-off his shirt and a girl is like drooling over his abs :))

  6. When I was a kid, I'm wondering how come guys can walk around topless but not girls. Pero nung tumanda na ako, well I knew why, and yes boys will be boys, gusto nilang nagpapapansin. :)

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