Thursday, August 08, 2013

Blog Giveaway Winners: Part One

I have 9 blog giveaway winners to announce but to not overwhelm you guys (and myself as well) I am announcing 3 winners today and three more winners the day after tomorrow and the 3 grand prizes on the weekends. Would that be fine? Well, I’m doing it now so what the heck. LOL

Lootbag #4: What was your favourite So Gelleesh blog post and why?

Ging totally got what one of my advocacies is about. Well, yeah, I still do reviews of non-local branded beauty products but I try to, as much as possible, go through more local branded products because I believe that our local products are really worth trying. Plus, think about it, reviewing more local branded products can actually help these brands improve more, right? Wouldn’t it feel nice if someone from a different country would actually crave for one of our local products? Imagine my cousin from the US is going crazy over Snoe’s It’s Oat-K, It’s Alright Cleansing Oil. Isn’t that awesome?

Lootbag#5: So Gelleesh Commenter for the month of June & July

Oh my. Eyah’s comment actually was one of the things which Sandy told me -the thing about being happy about yourself and how everything else will be great if you just start with that. FACT – We can all be insecure about something, one way or another, but if we let these things consume us, it may end up pretty bad. Learn to accept your flaws and if you think you can improve something in yourself, do it the right way. If you don’t like your weight, workout and don’t take shortcuts; you know where shortcuts often lead...

Lootbag #5: So Gelleesh Facebook Page Fan for the months of June & July

Thanks Maria Kaycee for being the most active Facebook user in my page. I appreciate how she also shares my page on her timeline and comments on the things she can relate to, so yeah, thanks, dear!

Please do send me an email at: on how you want to claim your prize. I mean I have 9 loot bags to send out. If we can meet at SM North or Trinoma or somewhere up north, good then. But if you’re like too far away from the National Capital Region, yeah, send me your mailing address and I’ll send you ze goodies, okidoks? And I would love to meet you guys as well, of course!

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