Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mr. Dream Guy in Paul Fredrick

Whenever  I would craft the physical attributes of my dream guy, I would always picture him as someone who dresses well in a way that I can present him to my folks and they’d immediately have the inkling that he’d be the man I’d be seeing down the aisle. But then again, it is quite demanding and inappropriate to actually create a superficial man up your head and romanticize every moment, which is bound to be just plain surreal because, again, he is just a figment of your playful imagination – someone whom you have superficially created; for a real man is not perfect and will not try to be, but will always be true and would love you with all his heart and with what he has. Aww..

Setting aside the romantic part, it is fun to actually think about how I would dress up my man. Not every guy you’ll like will be an automatic know-it-all when it comes to men’s fashion just because you are a fashion blogger, yourself. You have just got to learn how to accept him for who he is and, if he permits you to, go be his little miss fashionista/stylist and teach him how to dress up like that guy, you think, your parents would approve of.

When I checked Paul Fredrick’s Spring Clothing line collection for 2014, I told myself, “okay, I have to show this to my future boyfriend!” And just so it won’t be too much of a hassle for him to Google Paul Fredrick, I will post this up so he can just look it up in my blog:

And whoever said blue on boys is a thing of the past? Just as how manly it is to see pink on boys, blue on them will still make them look just as hot and, well, since I love pink – pink is mine. Stick with blue, darling and let’s throw in a printed floral tie with that!

Or, the scenario: 5PM, he picks me up at work, gets off his car on his white Paul Fredrick top and printed tie, opens the car door for me, gets in, drives to our dinner date reservation for the night and everyone is just looking at my man because of how sexy he looks. Yeah, ladies, he is mine!

Is it time to meet the parents? Well, he drives to my place on his plaid top where he looks casual but still very nice and, indeed, presentable to the folks. And then I can hear my mom whispering, “A true gentleman. Looks nice, DRESSES NICE, and over all, good choice, Gellie!” And I would just smile.

But then again, it’s not just about the clothes, girls. Keep in mind that as much as we would love our men to look good, what will matter most is how the connection works and how they will value us as their women and how we appreciate them as men and as who they really are. I have a dream guy crafted up my head but who says I’m only going to say yes to that kind of perfection? I just appreciate what life gives me and enjoy what happiness it can give. But if Mr. Dream Guy  will show up, who am I to say no? 

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  1. Stumbled into your blog and have been reading through, you write about everything. Well, almost, haven't seen you write about dating. I'd love to read your thoughts about dating and stuff. :)


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