Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Island Basics Rolled Oats Exfoliating Soap

Aside from the healthy benefits of oatmeal, I bet you are already aware of the fact that it is also good for the skin. As a matter of fact, the facial cleansing oil I am using is made out of oatmeal! I’m currently using the “It’s Oat-K, It’s Alright!” Facial Cleansing Oil from Snoe and I really love it; so when I found this oatmeal soap from Island Basics, I never had any doubts and quickly tried it out for myself.

What are the benefits of oatmeal soap, you ask?

Oatmeal skin care products are said to be very gentle on the skin so it’s often suitable for all skin types. It naturally fights redness and skin irritation and has moisturizing effects and can help with the exfoliation of dry dead skin cells to newer and healthier ones.

Island Basics is one of my tried and tested natural local skin care products so knowing all the benefits I can get out of oatmeal soap, who am I to turn my head back and say no?

The Good Bits:

Knowing that this is an all-natural product, I am pretty assured that this will do my skin good. It really did help with keeping my skin’s moisture intact and I didn’t have any allergic reactions with it. Two thumbs up just for that. It comes in a very simple and transparent plastic packaging, which makes it easier for the consumer to get a good look of what he or she will be having. It gives off a subtle organic scent, which I really love and you can really see the oatmeal bits in the soap assuring of what it really is made of.

The Bad Bits:

The packaging doesn’t include a complete list of its ingredients, which I wish it does. The scent I loved may not be very pleasant to some and it because it’s an all-natural product and does not have all those preservatives and such, it melts easily and can last up to two weeks of regular use for one person. That’s how long it lasted with me.


Oatmeal is definitely good for the skin and that’s the reason why once I’ve read it in a product, I never have any doubts. Well, considering the fact that I never really had any major problems with allergic reactions because I’m allergic to none, so far. I’m giving this product a rating of 7/10. It does your skin good but not the most practical choice.


  1. i totally craves for oats now! haha i love oats anytime of the day! nice review though haven't tried anything like this before! though i find a lot of something like this back in thailand! x0~ www.tauyanm.com


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