Monday, March 24, 2014

A Truly Delish Partnership: Special Edition Skin Food Salad Box

Such an exciting week to look forward to and the fun never stops may it be in the beginning or in the mid of the month. Last week, I received an update from Salad Box regarding their Special Edition Skin Food Salad Box and I’m more than happy to share it with you all, especially to my readers who are also Korean beauty product lovers.

Yes, you read it right! Korean beauty brand, Skin Food, has teamed up with local beauty box provider, Salad Box, to bring us more beauty goodness starting this month of March. And to start the partnership, Salad Box will be sampling the Black Pomegranate Line for all Salad Box subscribers and to-be subscribers. Also, in the box, will be the Black Sugar Perfect First Serum and cotton pads! Isn’t it exciting?

And another thing that will excite you more is the video that Salad Box has released together with Beauty Vlogger and Youtube makeup guru, Ana Victorino, for the very first sneak peek preview of the Special Edition Skin Food Salad Box.

If you want to win a Skin Food Salad Box, all you have to do is subscribe and comment in Salad Box’s Youtube Channel or you can purchase the box through:

Tell me your thoughts about it. I’d be waiting! 


  1. I am not so crazy about these stuff but with how the products are presented, I know that this would surely click among the Filipinas.

  2. ohhhh!! i love skinfood products i've never heard of saladbox i wonder if it's only in your country :( i'll have to check out this collab! hopefully i can find some products online :)!! thanks for letting us know about this collab!

  3. Nice!! I'm already loving the packaging on those cuties :)) Would love to get my hands on those pretty soon!

  4. I haven't tried any Skin Food products but I heard some of the skin care products work well. I'll check out their YT channel. Thanks!

    1. I have only tried one Skin Food product and I'm loving it ;)

  5. this is awesome!! though i'm only into skin food's nail polish hehe :)

    1. Uy haven't tried their nail polish pa. Will give it a try nga! :)

  6. thanks for sharing! will definitely checkout salad box. :)

  7. Uy, kumo-Korean na rin ang Salad Box! Parang I want to subscribe na kasi I've been eyeing that Black Pomegranate since its launching. :)

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