Monday, May 12, 2014

Cynos Argan Oil Shine & Shield Spray

When I chopped off a big chunk of my hair to bring it back to a healthier state, I have, finally, admitted that my hair will never be healthy and beautiful as before if I don't take good care of it and taking care it. Keeping our hair healthy and beautiful isn't something we do out of just superficial reasons. Our hair is part of our system and it protects our head from being overly exposed to various things especially the harmful rays of the sun, right? So, why not take good care of that beautiful crown atop your head that also takes good care of you? Fair deal?

The Cynos Argan Oil Shine and Shield Spray is one of the products that I am, now, using regularly to protect my hair and keep it beautiful. According to Cynos:

"Its lightweight formula films the hair's cuticle with a veil-much coveted radiant shine. Protects against UV and other harmful chemicals and prevent hair static."

So, what do I think?

The Good Bits:

The packaging, itself, is good. I love how uncomplicated it is and easy to carry around during my travels. Since I often travel, this is really a good deal especially with all its claims on how it can protect the hair from the UV rays. After using it, I have witnessed how it gave a beautiful shine and made my hair instantly softer and more manageable. It's not one of those hair shining products that makes your hair feel heavy and just adds up on the hot temperature. True to its claims, it is lightweight, the argan oil scent is superb and I am, sincerely, hoping that it can help me, continuously, maintain the beauty of my new hair.

The Bad Bits:

Although I love the aesthetic part of the packaging, I hate how the cap gets off easily and can, sometimes, be hard to put on. I almost lost the cap a few times, that's how bad it is. Follow the instructions because if you don't, you might get a heavyweight-feeling product on your hair and nobody likes an overly-shined and oily-looking hair; unless, of course, you are my mom 15 years ago, when she would apply too much Suave or hair shine on our hair because she feels like it's what looks good.


A must-have if you love taking care of your hair. I am giving this product a 9/10. A definitely recommended product to keep your hair shiny, lovely and protected. Although, some people I know may not be a big fan of it. hence my rating), I know it would still be a good score. Well, it is for me. Isn't that enough convincing?


  1. omgosh love! your hair looks so beautiful and shiny! i've never tried argon oil i'll have to give it a try :)

  2. Haven't seen you short hair yet! Looks like you are happy with it. I heard argan oil benefits but hmmm for hair i go for keratin!

  3. OMG, Suave! Addict din ako dyan ages ago, lol. Cynos looks like a promising brand and their products are pretty popular these days. I have yet to try their products, though. :)

  4. hi,
    May I ask where to buy Cynos Argan Oil Shine & Shield Spray and how much?
    Thank you very much.

    1. + Tinette & Company Salon in Global City
      + Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell located in Greenbelt 4 & 5
      + Juro Salon
      + Salon G2 in Quezon City
      + Going Straight Salon Branches
      + Mariz Salon in Makati
      + Louie Philip Kee in Global City

      Hope this helps :)

  5. Cynos Argan oil is really a good product, there are various products in the name of Argan oil but usually only few would provide you the pure argan oil cause its much expensive and rare to be found. I am using 100% pure argan oil which i have purchased from 100purearganoil. com and i am using it for my hairs as-well as for my rough skin and its working and effecting real great. I am much comfortable about my hairs now. :)


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