Friday, May 16, 2014

Meet the New Ambassadors of DTC Mobile

"DTC is a brand that capitalizes on a strong commitment to customer satisfaction through the power of innovative technology and human ingenuity. We consider our people as one of our best assets," said Ferdinand Buensalida Jr., General Manager for DTC.

Local branded mobile phones have been popping out of the market lately and as a supporter of local products, I am pretty much amused at how our local branded mobile phones have been improving their features one step at a time. They have this edge amongst their international competitors regarding knowing what their target customers need and how much these people are willing to shell out. You know DTC got it right when they won the Best Innovative Brand of Mobile Phones National Award in 2011 and National Product Quality Excellence Awards in 2013. Amazing, right?

But aside from how innovative and good these DTC mobile phones are, the local mobile phone brand introduces their first set of ambassadors, who are the total epitome of what the brand wants to tell the public. "... Picking our pioneer ambassadors came as a no-brainer. They are all the crème de la crème of their field and we are honored to welcome more people into our team who share our mission of putting dedication, skills, performance, style and creativity at the heart of everything," Buensalida added.

The new ambassadors of DTC are Ryan Araña (Rain or Shine shooting guard), Simon Atkins (Air 21 point guard), Rommel Niño “KG” Canaleta (Talk ‘N Text power forward), Gary David (3-time PBA All-Star Meralco Bolts shooting guard), and Willie Miller (11-time PBA All-Star Redbull point guard).

To tell you quite frankly, I'm not a basketball entertainment fan but I appreciate how these men have created a good name in the Philippine Basketball League as they are considered as five of the most exceptional players in the league and have been considered as a symbolism for active but practical living - so DTC, right?

A round of applause for these guys and may you continue inspiring people!  


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