Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Story of My New Hair Color (Cynos Dark Golden Copper Blonde)

I'm the kind of girl who gets easily bored with her hair; however, I don't just cut it without any intention of overly analyzing why I needed the cut or have it colored without interpreting what my current mood or emotions are like. That's just how I roll. That is why every physical change I manifest means something to me from the inside as well; because I don't just want to see the change, I want to really feel it within me, as well.

When Cynos invited me to their hair makeover event atTinette & Co. Salon, I immediately thought of getting a new color... But what should I get? For the past few months, I have been hooked into getting a lighter blonde-ish hair color because I want to stand out and be seen; but work won't allow me to get a more flashy color (like pink or purple) since I am with a faith-based non-profit organization.  I can go for another blonde but, then again, that'll be the same old me over and over again. I want a change because I know I've changed so I opted to choose the Cynos Dark Golden Copper Blonde, which is closer to being red; but, still, the subtle kind.

With the adversities that I have been experiencing in my life and the changes I needed to adjust to in my lifestyle, I have been pushed to becoming a stronger version of myself everyday as I have been constantly pushed out of my comfort zone. I can just leave and throw it all away because that will be the easier way out, but would I want the easier way out and learn nothing? Or I can move forward, pass through the storm, learn how to be strong and be a better person afterwards. The latter sounds better, no? But, you know, it isn't easy. It will never be.

I want to go red, this time, because it symbolizes blood, which can be interpreted as strength. I need to be strong amidst the trials I have been facing in my all aspects of my life. I need to be strong and have the courage to always move forward and live the life of a single independent woman at the age of 24 and do my best to reach my dreams and get to where I want to be in the future.

You may be wondering why I post even the most petite things like cutting my hair and why I got a new color... It's because there is always a deeper meaning as to why I do things and I want to share my personal experiences to you in hopes that you can get something from them. I'm not saying I'm a total life expert but my point is that we all learn from one another and I hope, that through my posts, I was able to share something that will be relevant in your life one way or another.

Till next post!


  1. I want a cut and color (maybe little more red) like this! Willpower, where are you?!

  2. such an inspirational post for the hair! i guess you are right. my hair is so long I can be the rapunzel of malaysia fro mthe 13th floor haha i am too lazy to cut my hair and feeling that it is not hte right time

  3. I love your hair cut and your hair color as well!


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  5. I sported red hair some three years ago. And by red I mean fire engine red, the kind that gets attention when you enter the supermarket or walk into the ladies' room, lol. I try to wear lighter colors these days, especially now that I spend most of my time at my son's school. Alam mo na. I don't want to stand out unnecessarily, haha! :D

  6. Nice hair color! Luv it!



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