Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Travel Diary: Palawan 2014 (Day Four)

This is our last day in Puerto Princesa but whoever said that we were just going to rest at the inn and wait for our checkout time and flight like some people would, usually, do?

We woke up early and was picked up by the van at around 7AM.  It was a long land travel going to Sabang port and not much to see for the first half of the trip so I opted to just sleep. Yes, I slept and I don't do that often; but I have just been too tired so am I forgiven now?

Half Way there- Taratitat!

We stopped by this place called Taratitat Half Way, which I would assume means we're half way to Sabang port. There's not much to see in this place but a few caged animals and a souvenir shop. Oh, and of course, do your bladder break here. We took some photos there (all in my personal Facebook account) and then hopped back to the van for the Underground River Tour!

And so, the Journey Continues

There were mountains and caves and places to explore on the second half of our trip going to Sabang Port; but as soon as we get there, I feel like we waited for an hour or so just to get our assigned boat going to the Underground River. I would actually advice first timers to have this tour fixed by a travel agency so that there'd be no hassle on your part. The summer heat was getting on everyone that time and some tourists were getting a little pissed and all that. Good thing there was a manong sorbetero who sold us dirty ice cream. Hooray for those little happiness!

When we finally got to our assigned boats, the few minutes ride going to the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park / Underground River was worth it because of the view. I must say, every cent was very well spent on this trip. We can't get the smiles on our faces and excitement in our hearts off of our system.

This is ALMOST it!

When we, finally, got off the boat, we were shown around the park a bit and saw a lot of monkey and some big ass monitor lizards. Yikes! I know better than to approach a monitor lizard but how should I know monkeys aren't all gentle? Blame those cartoons we see on TV! When I tried extending my hand to one of the monkeys (yes, I'm not scared to touch animals, I mean, I carried a snake for God's sake!) it growled at me and I pulled back. Sorry, man! Okay, so, noted! Monkeys - no touchy! After a few photos with the animals, we were lead to the Underground River - FINALLY!

What do you make out of this rock?

We, again, waited for a few minutes and while doing so, took a bunch of photos. What can I do, the place is photo-worthy! And when we got aboard our assigned boat for the Underground River Tour, I must say that I loved our local boatman/tour so much! He showed us various rock formations making out all sorts of things. There's the Holy Family, some vegetables and other stuff, which would make you laugh your ass off. I think daddy gave him a good tip because it was just so worth it. I didn't put up much photos inside the Underground River because it's for you to find out and explore.

And that world famous worm - Yum!

After the Underground River tour, we had our buffet lunch at Sabang Port. The food was okay but the highlight of it all was when I finally tried out the Tamilok. Nope, the Tamilok was not included in the buffet meal. I ordered it separately.  Tamilok is a wood worm found in rotting mangroves but it tastes just like our local oyster. Dip it in vinegar and you're all good! One's Palawan trip won't be complete without a taste of this local treat.

It's a WRAP!

I enjoyed our Palawan trip and this, definitely, sparked the traveler in me. Well, my family has been travelling around but not really much. I have also been travelling alone but it's usually work-related. This Palawan trip has made me realize that there's so much more to enjoy here in the Philippines. I have always wanted to go out of the country but there's a lot of local places I have yet to explore and, I think, I'd be visiting them first.

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  1. I truly loved my Palawan experience as well. Though I didn't try the Tamilok. hehehe. :)

  2. Finally, the Underground Cave adventure! I really should visit Palawan soon. I don't think I will take a stab at the Tamilok, though. ;)

  3. I tried Tamilok also!!! And yeah, it tasted like oyster! haha definitely completed my palawan adventure! :D


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