Thursday, May 22, 2014

Travel Diary: Palawan 2014 (Day Three)

Before we head on to our third day gala galore, we were taken first to the Underground River Tour Office to try our luck on getting a schedule for the next day. Not getting a schedule for the an Underground River tour will, definitely, disappoint my mom so we were really hoping for the best.

The Underground River Tour - Did We Get it?

Yes, we did! We were, finally, scheduled for an Underground River Tour for our 4th and last day in Palawan and my mom was really excited. My tip for those who would be going to Puerto Princesa and would want to have a sure schedule on the Underground River tour, make sure you have yours scheduled by your travel agency at least, a month before. Going walk-in may have an 80% assurance but there is still that 20% chance you may not get it. It did stress us out just thinking if we'd get a schedule. Avoid stress and have your scheduled early!

A Cheaper City Tour

Our travel agency offered a city tour which is a reasonable price; but then we got offered by Manong tricycle driver a way cheaper price... So, to fully experience Palawan (and for a cheaper alternative), we opted for a city tour with Manong rather than go with the air-conditioned van. Off we go!

Palawan Wildlife and Conservation Center

Formerly known as the "Crocodile Farm" in Palawan. This was our first stop on our city tour and we were able to reach the place just in time for its last morning tour. Everyone was, initially, gathered at the lobby and was introduced to skeleton of the biggest crocodile they've had in the farm. After a few introduction as to what to expect and what to do and what not to do inside the conservation center, we proceeded first to the baby crocs.

They are cute but far from being safe. We were, actually, advised not to put any parts of our body on top of the tubs where the baby crocodiles are because they may be able to jump and the conservation center may be able to assist with healing normal wounds but not a bitten off finger or whatever else.

After viewing and taking some photos of the baby crocs, we were taken next to see the bigger... And by bigger I really do mean BIGGER crocodiles. And, of course, they are not in tubs anymore. We met Macmac, the biggest living crocodile (since Lolong already died).
After the crocodiles, we were then given the liberty to explore the rest of the conservation center to see more of the animals they are taking care of. Animals are taken to the Wildlife and Conservation Center for care and once they're already good and ready to be on their own, they are released to wilds again.

Oops, I got into a Little Accident!

I'm so clumsy. After viewing one of the eagles kept in the conservation center, I accidentally tripped and sprained my ankle. Mom rushed to my aid, immediately but I stood straight as fast as I can and let my sister assist me because I'd really want to continue the tour. We were able to go around and take more photos of the conservation center although my ankle really does hurt.

Lunch at Dampa sa Mansion

It was already 12NN and our driver seems kind of hungry as well. So, we let him take us to wherever good it is to have lunch so he drove us to Dampa sa Mansion. Again, forgive me for forgetting the exact names of the dishes served to us but they were all good. We had a seafood-filled lunch and just ordered an additional buttered chicken batch for my two sisters who are quite picky with the food they eat and leche flan for our dessert.

Rancho Sta. Monica and the Breath Taking View

With my sprained ankle what else can I do here but admire the view. The zipline was really interesting and it is something I have never tried yet in my life but would love to, someday. I guess, all I can do here is enjoy the view and the fresh air, no?

Baker's Hill - Hangout Here and You'll be Fine

Literally, Baker's Hill is known for its baked goods and we also found out they have nice souvenir shirts up for sale. Knowing my mom, she loves collecting shirts from places we visit so we didn't have any hesitations to have ours at Baker's Hill. Every corner of Baker's Hill is really photo-worthy. From the peacocks to the life-sized Shrek scene and the beautiful landscaping, it's actually a perfect place to go on a date. Hahaha! I also bought some baked goods as my pasalubong for my officemates.

Butterfly Garden and the Tribal Village

For our last stop, we went to the Butterfly Garden because it's also one of the places people go to in Puerto Princesa although I didn't expect that there is also a Tribal Village attraction in the Butterfly Garden so it's like hitting two birds with one stone, eh?

We went first to watch the Tribal Village Men as they showed us their way of living. They are sustained by this project through the tourists who come and visit them to. They showed us their traditional way of hunting, their own guitar and how they light a fire. Oh, and I also met their pet snake!

Literally, the butterfly garden is just that. But there are also some other caged animals there like another crocodile, there's a scorpion, a bear cat and other such, which can be found in Palawan. The highlight of this visit is more of the Tribal Village than the butterfly garden, itself.

We were super tired that after this trip, we just went souvenir shopping and straight back to the inn. We were supposed to go to the cathedral, but again, we just want to take a shower and rest. I'd also want to rest because my ankle really hurts and I wouldn't want to be badly injured for the Underground River Tour the next day.

Are you excited for that as well? Stay tuned!


  1. I can't wait to read about your Underground River adventure! Buti na lang you were able to get a schedule. :)
    The food you had looks super yummy! Talagang seafood galore! :)

  2. OMG! I so want to go to Palawan too! :) Ganda ng placeee.. lalo na sa El Nido!!! :D

  3. Oh my! Palawan looks so beautiful! I cannot wait to go there someday with the family! And yikes!! I remember doing the exact same thing with the snake when I went to bangkok as a kid. They're heavy!! I was scared haha. :) You look so fashion! love it!:)


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