Thursday, June 26, 2014

Because We All Need to Learn How to Handle Our Finances

Ever since I start buying my own things, and stopped asking my parents for my necessities and luxuries, I have been able to assess what I really need from the things that I, just, want; and with that, comes maturity on valuing things that matters most. But, sometimes, you need a bit of the things you want to be able to fully enjoy life to its fullest. Let's just say, you need to pamper yourself a bit, no?

When I, first, bought my own mobile phone, through a postpaid plan, I learned how to budget and how to allot my salary to the things I need to pay and purchase as time goes by; and here's how I do things:

1. Once I get my payslip, I make sure that I would allot a specific and standard amount for how much I'd be depositing in my savings account. Yes, you do need to allot money for yours savings. Pay yourself first and foremost. Did you know that it is suggested to have, at least, 6 months worth of your salary as your emergency fund so when things get rocky, not that we would wish they'd be, you'd have money left to pay for your expenses and you won't need to ask the parents for an extended allowance.

2. Allot the budget for your bills. I have an excel file of the things I need to pay for like the electric bill, water bill and my phone bills (yes, with an S) so you won't have to worry about paying them just when you remember them or just when the bill arrives. It's important to know what your priorities are and these bills are part of your, now, necessities.

3. Give yourself a break. May it be a trip to the spa or a new pair of heels, leave a budget for your mini luxuries so you can have a blissful reward for yourself. It's great to save but you also need some self-gratifying moments to be able to really live life.

4. Should all else fail, reassess your expenses. There may be a few things you can cut off if your expenses are quite steeper than how you would want it to be. You may want to lessen your electric bill by choosing fans over an air conditioning system or you may want to take that extra walk going in your subdivision rather than taking a tricycle everyday. Or, maybe, you can choose that new 3 in 1 coffee flavor instead of your usual coffee trips in Starbucks or Coffee Bean. There will always be a way on how you can lessen your expenses, you just need to reassess your lifestyle.

And whenever I would have that extra money to spare, I would have two options: (1) Spend it and have fun or  (2) save it to buy something that I'd really want to have.  And, right now, I am actually thinknig about getting a new phone since my Nexus has been with me for about two years now, it deserves a break (or maybe a new owner, wanna buy it? LOL). So when I found out about Lazada's new product offering, the ever so popular Xperia, I was really excited.

Online shopping is something I really love doing; and since most of my online sidelines would pay me via Paypal, I can make use of that extra money.

The Sony Xperia Z2 is something I would consider. It remains true to its Z-series DNA being resistant to dust, moisture, and even water. Since I travel a lot for work, this can be a good phone to bring along with me, don't you think? And since I love just holding my phone or putting it in my pocket, the Sony Xperia Z2 now comes with an 8.2mm body with glass panels front and back and encased in a single aluminium frame. So it could easily fit anywhere!

And because it has a Triluminos display with X-Reality for a wider color range and greater detail and sporting the Live Colour LED which makes wide angle viewing much easier, viewing those selfies and other photos, I so love taking, makes easier to show to people without having to pass my phone around. No touchy my phone no more. LOL

The Sony Xperia Z2 also boasts its 20.7 megapixel camera with sheer capability of shooting videos at 4K resolution and has its own software-based image stabilization called SteadyShot. So be prepared for more Instavideos from me if ever I have decided to get this baby.

If you're as interested as I am with the Sony Xperia Z2, you can check it out at and don't forget, you heard it from me! ;)


  1. hi ms. gellie.. budgeting is one of the toughest thing to do.. :c
    many times i tried but failed, im also a believer of your number rule
    but when bills come nababawasan den., up to now im still trying
    can i ask a favor ms. gellie, can i have a copy or your excel file for
    reference.. thank you ms. gellie sana mapagbigyan mo ang munti ko
    kahilingan.. all the best to your blog..

    1. sure thing. sorry for the late reply... i have been really busy with work. what's your email, i'll send you my excel file :)

    2. wow.. many thanks -


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