Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Thinking About Getting Your First Car Soon?

I'm not one of those lucky enough to have parents who'd buy me a car during college or give it to me as a graduation gift. I remember my mom telling me about how, after graduation, I should work hard for anything I'd want to have and acquire it myself. That's my parents! I'm not complaining, honestly. Back then, I used to. I mean, why can't I start my working life with this and that... But then again, I realized how I tend to value things more when they came from my own pocket, sweat and blood.

I remember all the phones my parents gave me were either lost or broken in a span of... A YEAR. But when I bought my own phone through my own salary, it lasted even more than 3 years to the point that I'd want to replace it just to get a new unit and it's still good for reselling. Amazing, right? And now, I'm living on my own and I'm renting my own place. I have my own appliances and stuff so maybe I'd get a car next?

But, since it's my first time, I asked my parents (well, they said parents know best so, what the heck, right?) on tips if ever I have, finally, decided to get my own car and let me just share 'em to you:

1. Assess. Do you really need it? It's of utmost importance to assess and check how much do you really need it or is it just for luxury purposes. There is a big difference between need and want and as young professionals, some of us tend to mix them up together. Be smart and know when you really need it and when it's just something you need for bragging rights.

2. Check your Budget. How much, do you think, you can let go for it? Have you, already, allotted a budget for a car? This is the next thing you should be considering when planning on buying your first car so you can have a basic idea with regard to what kind of car you would and can get. Maybe, the better question too is can you afford it right now? If you are still unsure, here are some tips to help you make the big decision.

3. Do your research. Some of us might resort to getting a second hand car since it will be, after all, considered  as our first practice car. There are second hand trusted car sellers around the Metro, which you can check out but for someone like me, I might go online. The internet is free, anyway, so might as well fully utilize it. I, recently, stumbled upon this new website here in the Philippines and they feature buying and selling of cars and other vehicles- You may check them out and other related buying and selling websites for other options.

4. Check before you purchase. If you're buying a second hand car, make sure that you have someone with you who knows cars and can help you check the car you'd be purchasing for some damages or if it's still good to go and worth your money. You wouldn't want to end up in the middle of the express way with a dead engine for reasons you know nothing of, right?

Currently, I'm still browsing through my options and checking if I would really need it; but I would definitely keep these tips in mind from my parents in case that need arrives on my lap. But, first, I think I need to go to a driving school and learn how to drive before I purchase  car no? Teehee! :)


  1. Ay ako gusto ko dn ng car but it doesn't matter kung ano basta my car. haha and dpt affordable lng n matibay. Right? :)

  2. Great information, buying first car is very special thing to us we are very much excited about it but we also need to be alert about which car are we buying. Thanks for the tips.


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