Thursday, July 24, 2014

Standing Up and Speaking Out - Where I Am Right Now

We would often get asked if this is the life we really wanted to live. Nothing is perfect and that is a fact; but I know I am happy with the life I am living. Back when I was younger, I would dream of having a kickass job with a gorgeous boyfriend and living by myself... Think of Carrie Bradshaw with Mr. Big. That is how I wish my life would be.

Fast forward to today, I can honestly say that I guess this is the life I've wanted to live. I'm not THERE yet, when I said there I mean successful career-wise (and even relationship-wise) but I have come to the realization that I have, indeed, accomplished things for my age.

I am, currently, working for a Non-Profit Organization handling their Marketing and Communications. This is where I have realized how I can do so much if I believe in myself, in what I fight for and work hard for what I want to happen. The current transition, which our organization is currently going through, has taught me be stronger and more responsible because it entailed me to do things, which are beyond what I thought I can only do. Some of you may be wondering what kind of transition are we having; our organization is under a corporate dispute right now and I simply chose the side I know that has a vision worth fighting for and would be for the benefit of the people that we help. I chose the side that is out of my comfort zone but even though it can be scary at times, when you see and realize the impact you have brought to people, you know it will be worth it. I am not saying I'm perfect at making choices. What I'm saying is that right now, I made a choice, not for myself, but for other people who need us, the organization, complete and running.

The transition also pushed me to living on my own, well I have a housemate so I'm not completely alone; but I do my laundry now, I learned how to cook, how to budget, pay my own bills and I consider myself to be independent now. I am renting a house in San Fernando, Pampanga and being away from Manila, initially, depressed me; but then I realized that this is the time to learn and to stand up on my own and prove that my parents did raise me well.

Relationship-wise... I'm single; but I'm not lonely. I have learned to love myself more, have fun and appreciate life as a young and independent woman who do not need a man as a financial plan. I want to be that empowered woman who won't go in a relationship because it can save my finances because I know I am financially well. I am that kind of woman who is strong, happy, and will never be driven by relationships. If it comes, it will. If it doesn't, so be it. But I do take risks. I have been going out and dating... Let's just see how it goes. As some people say... Just go with the flow.

Things may not always be how we thought they'd be. I thought having a job that entails me to live out my passion and living independently means having it all fabulous. Sometimes you start from the bottom and work your way up, but never by stepping on other people and forgetting that it's not always about the luxury and fabulous life that will make you happy - it's about knowing you made it because you, genuinely, worked hard for it. You take risks, work hard and make unselfish decisions. Sometimes, the solution is just as simple as that. It may sound easy, but it isn't. Are you ready? 


  1. wow..same here, I am working for a non-profit org. before, I've always pictured my future as someone working for big companies with lots of perks. travelling everywhere and weekend night outs. spa days and everything that a studious student don't get to have while in school. Now, that picture didn't came out as is. non profit organizations have smaller pay but the cause is self fulfilling (though sometimes, I envy friends who seemed to enjoy life more). We budget,we cook (and sometimes don't).and single too (but,yes, not lonely).Look now, instead of chillaxin, I am working and going to school at the same time (who would've thought?) Now, that I am older, Life is not a picture of a snapshot. nothing beautiful comes as instant. Life is more of a painting and everyday, we are adding something to the canvass. We just have to have faith and stick to our values and become a great work of art. A lady of good character and a strong woman all for the greater glory of God.

    1. Going through this transition is one of the hardest decisions I had to make in my life; but if we're working and living for His sake, we do not need to worry about getting lost. He will guide us along the way :)

  2. Wow... truly a beautiful bella.. may the universe sends you more strength and would conspire to all the things that you want to achieve someday. Cheers!

  3. You are inspiring, Gel! I hope that you get even farther with this and inspire all the other girls out there who may think less of themselves or their lives. You are definitely beautiful in and out!


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