Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Stay away Stye - Personal Eye Care Tips from Experience

Me during the first few days of my stye before I went to the doctor
It's such a pain to inform you all that I won't be wearing eye makeup for the next few days, or even weeks, because of a stye that has developed in my right eye a few days ago. It's not something serious, actually; but I would want to keep my eyes clean and safe for a few more days before I start putting eye makeup on again. Although not putting eye makeup on saves so much of my time, of course I miss it and I can't wait till my right eye is fully healed.

What caused my stye?

My ophthalmologist told me that my oil glands are prone to becoming blocked and that, mainly, caused my stye. Although I would have to admit that it could also be because of how busy and exhausted I have been lately that I wouldn't be able to wash my eye makeup off thoroughly  that I would still have a semi-raccoon eyes upon waking up the next day. I know, I know, I made so many beauty violations considering I'm a beauty blogger. At least, lesson learned! And because I don't want you to suffer the same kind of irritating pain and expensive medications (eye drops and oral) I have gone through, I would be sharing with you some tips on how you can take care of your eyes, not just against a stye but also from other kinds of eye infections.

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How long have we been told about it but we never really do it? Avoid rubbing your eyes. Our hands and fingers have gone through so much stuff so it can be highly likely that the whatever kind of bacteria your hands or fingers have caught may be transferred to your eyes. Yikes! If you think that you really need to desperately touch your eyes, make sure that you have washed your hands thoroughly.

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Check your makeup and clean your tools regularly. Make sure to check for the expiry dates of your makeup. If you'd closely inspect your makeup canisters, you'll see a small image of a pan slighlty open with characters saying "12M" or "6M" which means that the product will expire 12 or 6 months prior to opening. As for a mascara, keep in mind that it, usually, just lasts 3 months after opening.  As for your makeup tools, make sure you clean them regularly to avoid collection of bacteria, which you will, eventually, transfer to your skin or eyes.

Sunnies are not just a fashion trend same as eye glasses are not just for people who can't see well. Keep a pair of sunnies to protect your eyes from dirt when going out. I, usually, wear my sunnies when the sun's up and it's windier than usual; but when it becomes dark, I rely on my clear eye glasses (without grades).

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My ophthalmologist told me that since my glands are prone to getting blocked, I should scrub my lids regularly. I was like... "How the hell do you scrub your lids?!" Well, doctor read my mind so she told me to buy the "No more tears" shampoo, mix it with water and use a cotton buds to scrub the lids holding the lashes on my upper and lower lids and then rinse.

Remember, they eyes are not just made for vanity purposes; but more of to see and appreciate the beauty crafted by God. Take care of every part of your body because each plays an important role to help us function well. Got it? :)


  1. Great tips, sis. Couldn't agree with you more. Hope that sty disappears soon so you could wear makeup again. :)

    1. Thanks for your great advice. I know many things from your blog. Really i will also follow your good tips.

  2. My mom experienced this kind of thing... and oh sis. I hope you get well soon. :)

  3. Oh my! Get well soon, girl. Nice tips you have here and I must say that I am guilty of that rubbing-the-eyes thing. But after reading this, might as well control myself from doing it too >.<

  4. Thanks for sharing these tips! Hope you feel better soon :)


  5. Wah I didn't know the "scrub" my lids part! I though had a stye before and I had to not wear eye makeup AND contacts for a long time. :P Hope your lids get better soon! Miss you na!


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