Wednesday, August 13, 2014

OOTD: Of When We Had Just Started Things

"Sometimes I find myself sittin' back and reminiscing especially when I have to watch other people kissin..."

There would, still, be those unintentional moments of reminiscing and missing him. I would just smile and think about that walk in the park and our conversation which, seemingly, trying to imitate Jesse and Celine. I am a big fan of the movie... And us, doing just that, one cold January night is one of the most romantic moments I can imagine that has happened to me this year. I remember how he was the last guy I went out with before I cut my hair real short and now I'm trying to grow it back again... to that hair he loved so much and I cut just because I want to move on to a new phase in my life and forget those special and romantic moments we have shared together.

Dress: Thrifted at Cubao Expo | Belt: Sabella
 We didn't even went out long enough to say that there has already been a stable foundation but just like what Celine said from Before Sunset, "You can never replace anyone because everyone is made up of such beautiful specific details." That is why I, still, do remember how he looks like, how he smiles, how he can be overprotective when other guys look at me, how holds my hand even when he's driving, how he insists on taking my outfit posts when we're together, how he loves hearing me sing... Those things - those small things about him and that he does made me just happy.

"I'd tell you sad stories about my childhood. I don't why I trusted you but I knew that I could"

He wanted to know me - to understand me. And so I opened up and told him my story. My story of what made me the strong woman I am today that may make him love me more or, eventually, dislike me. I am not really proud of what I've gone through but, at the same time, I know that I shouldn't just deny and forget about it. My past made me realize a lot of things and made me appreciate life better.

I am over him. That is a fact. The moments that we have shared together are part of my past that I can never bring back but I appreciate. No one can replace him in my life because I wouldn't want him replaced... I wouldn't want any of the men I've been in a relationship with or have gone out with replaced... I want the next man I'd give my heart to, to be someone unique as well... Someone irreplaceable; and we'll have our own special memories we can keep forever may we end up or not end up together.

Shoes: Dana Buchman
"There's no one in the world that could replace you."

Photos by: Ros Matienzo


  1. OMG! Why so pretty sis?? I love this dress on you! perfect place to shoot your ootd too.. matches this look perfectly! <3

  2. i used to cut my hair whenever i go over a heartbreak. trust me many times since high school so i can totally relate to your story. now that im 30 & still going over puffy heart issues, i feel like i dont want my hair to suffer the most so i just do a splurge whole body in a spa to reward myself. it works better :)

    1. Well that, certainly, is a good alternative. Hehe :)

  3. Such an insightful post, Gel! I'm definitely with you on "I want the next man I'd give my heart to, to be someone unique as well." This is why I try my hardest not to compare the men I've been with and my past relationships. Each one is unique, and whether we had more good or bad memories together, the experiences, feelings and realizations are all precious. We won't be the person we are now without them. Anyway, loving your outfit here! Can't believe that dress is thrifted. Ganda, bagay na bagay with your shoes and even the location! ;)

    1. True that, Sumi. I really treasure every good memories I've had with someone I've dated. They deserve to be remembered for the good things :)

  4. I so love you dress! The pattern is so pretty and it looks very comfy too. :) -

  5. I love the dress it really fits you! What I love about the post is the struggle you went through and at the end of the day you are still pretty inside and out :)

  6. Amazing post that made me think, I agree with you on men. You look so lovely.

    Jasmine x
    For a Real Woman
    So easy Spanish!

  7. Grabe, nadepress ako. But you have a point. Whether we enjoyed or not, ended up together or not, we should never attempt to erase or replace people in our lives.


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