Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Reminiscing that Highschool Prom Night

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I'm quite surprised (but glad) that a lot of my old friends (highschool and college) have been keeping in touch with me again. I don't get to meet with my old friends often because of the workload I currently have plus whenever I will be going back to Manila, I kind of just want to rest at home, sleep, watch TV, and wish Pawn Stars will be on at History Channel. I have been talking to some of my highschool batchmates and after catching up with them through Facebook, certain events in my highschool just flashed back in my head; one of them is our Senior's Night or as most will call it - The Prom Night.

My prom was not memorable to tell you quite frankly. I did have three change of dresses - (1) the main gown, (2) for the dance performance, and (3) for the party. My first dress was a maroon mermaid gown, my second was a sucky green dress, while my third was a pink knee-length dress. The first one was OKAY but the rest were kind of blah to be honest. Plus, it didn't help that the party part of our prom was cancelled because, apparently, a parent kind of made a scene. Boo! Well, aside from that fiasco, looking back I wish I had better taste in fashion so I could have picked a better gown and party dress.

So while I was browsing online, I stumbled upon PickeDresses and went ahead to check out what they have got to offer, specifically, to imagine what could have been my prom dress if I had they have already existed way back 2005 or early 2006. They have an album in the website that shows PromDresses 2015 and I just loved how the dresses there look so youthful, fun, sexy yet still classy.

The Empire Sweetheart Floor-length Chiffon Sequined Beading dress would be my first gown. It is simple, classy, yet it has that touch of charm and glamour. It will be perfect for that first photo with my escort, eh? I can imagine myself walking down the red carpet as the ends of the dress touches the floor, all eyes on me. And for that moment, I will feel like I am the most beautiful girl in the world; because remembering my highschool, I did have insecurity issues with regard to how I look and that could have been the moment that would have made me feel the way I have always wanted to feel before. But after having so much experiences post-highschool, I guess I kind of grew out of that feeling and insecurity as well. Superficial beauty isn't everything after all!

The A-line  Sweetheart Asymmetrical Chiffon Criss Cross Prom Dress can be my dancing dress for the performance that our class did. I can see myself dancing as the dress flows and follows every twist and turn I make. I can move and dance freely and would still feel like a princess on that day.

While the A-line Sweetheart Asymmetrical Satin Organza Beading Prom Dress could be my party dress. It kind of looks like a cross between my chosen gown and chosen dancing dress and I think I will most certainly look like a rock star in it. What do you think?

Oh, it's really fun to imagine what my prom could have been if only. But that's done and I believe that everything that has happened to us in the past has led to the kind of beauty that is the present. So even though reminiscing is good at times, all we can do is to always march on and move forward.

P.S. Just for fun, here's a photo from my highschool prom:

I know. Eww. LOL


  1. I really love it. I hope you can continue to update on this blog, because I would often visit


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