Tuesday, January 20, 2015

That Night's Romantic Dance

Image Source: BeautyandthePitch.com

You should know by now that last time's prom post is just the start of a series of prom-related posts. I mean, prom season has just arrived and in my three year of blogging, I haven't done a single prom-related post until last week (I think). It just excites me whenever I'd think about all the preparation these highschool kids are doing, especially the girls, for their prom outfits. I guess it's almost every highschool girl's dream to walk down that red carpet, all eyes on her, while having that elated feeling that she is the most beautiful girl that night.

Growing up, I watched American teen flicks a lot. Knowing those American teen flicks, it will never be complete without a prom night scene. The story would usually feature an ugly duckling who turned into a princess for the prom night as the most gorgeous guy in school dances with her and when I was younger, I have always thought of myself as an ugly duckling. My self-confidence was so-so. I mean, academically I was okay but never have I ever been the girlfriend material. Heck, I never had a boyfriend in highschool and no one ever asked me out before... EVER.  But that never stopped me from still dreaming about that perfect prom night dance (which never happened).

The Ball Gown Strapless Tea-length Tulle Draped Prom Dress is one of my options as to what I would be wearing during the partying/dancing part of our prom. It has that simple strapless and corsette-looking top but the skirt part makes the statement, don't you think?

Feeling sweet sixteen? Well, I can also go with the A-line Sweetheart Short/Mini Organza Crystal Detailing Prom Dress. It has that floral details and that simple short white dress that will keep me young and feminine. And I don't even have to bother with accessories because the floral, itself, is the statement/accessory.

And when I saw the A-line Scoop Short/Mini Tulle Beading Prom Dress, I know it will, probably, be the most romantic-looking dress I can wear for when I'm dancing with someone. It kind of gives off that bride-ish feeling because of its details. Now that's dancing with prince charming!

I do love checking the short prom dresses from PickeDresses because it gives me so much inspiration regarding what could have been my prom night. I have no regrets but it's just nice to, sometimes, look back and imagine how things could have really been, right?


  1. YAY! I wonder if there's a prom night for K12. :)



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