Tuesday, March 10, 2015

On Being That Young and Independent Woman

When I first saw the TV series "Sex in the City" I immediately fell in love with the idea of being this young and independent career woman in the big city. And so I said to myself, "before I hit my 30s, I will be like Carrie Bradshaw... Yes, and with my own Mr. Big!" And alas! The opportunity to finally be the independent woman that I have always wanted to be surfaced and I grabbed it like the last bread on the shelf.

Of course, it was still a tough decision. I wasn't fully prepared for it, to tell you quite frankly. This opportunity came along with the fact that our organization had to undergo a corporate dispute because of an unfortunate internal conflict with the incorporators and those claiming to be our organization's "board of trustees" before, but I'm glad we have almost moved on and our organization is coping up well with the changes.

The Great Move to San Fernando, Pampanga

When I said city, I don't mean just about any city. I was hoping somewhere in Makati, Ortigas or Quezon City; but no... The opportunity was in a provincial city - San Fernando City of Pampanga. When my work moved here, I didn't immediately looked for my own place but rather lived at the provided staff house. It was fun to be roommates with your office girlfriends but I did find it a bit stressful. You would kind of want a different environment after work and seeing your officemates even after office hours just isn't the way I'd want things to be.

Getting an Apartment and Starting From Square One

And so after two months of living in the staff house, I decided to rent an apartment with one of my best buddies at work, Ros. We got a two bedroom, one bathroom, and a big enough living room apartment that could give us enough space and privacy. The idea of having your own place is really elating and I felt like I was the big girl I've always wanted to be; although it isn't a walk in the park at all. I have priorities and I wasn't promoted then yet. The living room was empty only having a table, my parents' old TV, and a pair of monoblock chairs. My room was big enough but it only had my bed cushion a pair of pillows and a blanket.  I had privacy and the place was my own but I do not feel at home, still. I just sleep as soon as I get home because there is nothing much to do. I kind of felt like having a place of my own sucks. I miss my parents' place.

And Everything Was Starting to Fall Into Place

There was a time when I almost gave up. This isn't how I pictured things to be. My parents were proud of me because I was so strong and hard working. My mom would constantly send me text messages reminding me to have breakfast, greeting me a good morning, and just helping me get through things. She encouraged me and helped me cope up with things.
And so after a few months, my place was starting to look like a home. Furniture and appliances were arriving one by one. It started with an electric stove, then a fridge, a coffee maker/toaster, a microwave, an extra shelf for my kitchen, and now a real bed, a dresser, a center table and a sofa set for my living room!  That's when I find myself getting excited to go home. I felt so comfortable and at ease to even bring work home. I can be myself and I can be free at last.

Not Perfect But I'm Doing Just Fine

Living on my own had its own ups and downs. There would be times when I feel alone (literally I am alone so WTF), I had to schedule when I'd pay my bills, go home early to have the drinking water delivered, wake up earlier because I needed to prepare my breakfast, do the dishes, clean the house... As much as I look so grown up, it was never all fun and games. But I'd have to tell you, I love having my own place because of the privacy, I can be myself, I learned how to be more responsible, and I feel proud and accomplished because at 25, I do not rely on my parents anymore.

When I turned 24, I was quite scared. I remember my mom telling me that she got married at 25. And what was I doing? I was single, living with my parents, and was still quite unsure about my job. But soon as 2014 sets in, things changed in a snap. At 25, I now live on my own, I was promoted, and I am in a committed relationship with a man who is as ambitious and hardworking as I am plus he understands and supports my life choices.

I am happy with where I am right now, but I know that is just the start of greater things to come in my life. Cheers to being an awesome and independent woman. True enough, we can be whatever we want to be.

Happy Women's Month!


  1. Love this post! :) And yes, I totally agree -- "Everything is not perfect but we'll do just fine!"


  2. I actually want to move out of Metro Manila! It's cheaper elsewhere and less stressful.

    Congrats on the promotion and yay for living on your own! :)

    1. Thanks Helga! Kaso I need a social life here in San Fernando soon. I'm going crazy. LOL

  3. I am in love with this post, Gellie! You go, girl! :D

    Like I always say, I believe in any 'struggle' because at the end of it, something good is surely going to happen as long as I continue to work hard.

    About the living on your own thing--good job! I did it right after college and it was one of the best decisions that I've made in my life :D

    1. Sometimes it can still be a bit scary but it's a step closer to being the woman I have always wanted to be... I'm just gonna keep on moving forward :)

  4. You go girl. I have come to accept that I will never live on my own because I can't imagine leaving my Mom and sister on their own but I know how that feels. For a time, I played house for about 4 years :) Be proud but aim for more. Kayang kaya mo yan!

  5. Awesome and congrats on your success! This is something I never experienced, as I moved directly from living in my parents' house to living in a house with my husband. There's never that time of self-discovery by living alone, and that is something I will always wonder about. I am quite happy in my current life state though, and never regret starting a family early (in many people's standards), but I do believe women will be much stronger in the long run by having a time in their lives when they're taking care of no one but themselves.

    1. I believe to each his own. I guess this is the path I needed to take to help me become that strong woman I desire to be. :D

  6. Congrats! I'm 19 and starting to live on my own, and I'm so nervous! This surely gave me some peace of mind that everything will work out. :) Thank you.


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