Tuesday, March 03, 2015

A Beautiful Accident: Pink, Red - Whatever You Want it to Be

I believe that a person's individuality is something that we should all accept and respect as it is what makes a person beautiful in his or her own way. I, myself, have struggled before into trying to fit in because I thought that by being like everyone else, I would be loved and accepted the way I wanted to be loved and accepted; but as it turns out, trying to fit in will leave this empty space in your heart - the desire to let yourself free and let yourself be heard but you cannot out of fear of being deemed as an outcast. No one, intentionally, wants to be an outcast. Everyone wants to belong, to be loved and to be accepted and so we look for ways to erase that uniqueness in us just because the "society" says they cannot accept it.

Starting up this blog about four years ago has helped me appreciate and love myself more. I've had my fair shares of being bullied before because of how I blog about beauty and fashion and yet, I am not society's normal kind of beauty. I am morena and plus-size. I should not belong. But despite of being bullied and made fun of because of my skin color and size, I have also inspired other women; and whenever I would receive comments and messages from these women, whom I have inspired to come out and embrace their individuality, I got more encouraged and knew that I was on the right track.

A month ago, I have craved for a new do but I don't want to go for the normal trim, cut, or just a plain hair color. And so an idea struck me. I went to Gliteratti Salon in Malabon and asked to have my color re-touched and have the ends of my hair bleached and colored in a darker shade of red for that ombre effect; and so it started.

Bleaching wasn't very fun, you see. It feels like it's gonna burn your hair and all that, but it didn't. I guess I would never be brave enough to try bleaching my hair at home as much as I have experimented with regard to my hair color on my own before. I let them do the magic to my hair as I have already told them what I want.

And so after a few hours of waiting, my hair was revealed. I was speechless as to how PINK my hair is. And so I told them, "this isn't exactly what I wanted. This is a no-go at work." And they just said that this was their RED. In the photos it does look red but in person, it's so pink. I stayed quiet for awhile while they blow dry my hair.

Then, a smile suddenly appeared on my face. This does look good on me. I started appreciating this beautiful accident and claimed that my hair is pink or red or whatever people want it to be. I don't really care! Although, I was still a bit worried because, again, this kind of color isn't allowed at work.

I would always tie my hair in a bun whenever I'm at work and nobody noticed the pink/red ends of my hair; but one time, I let my hair down right after work and my bosses saw my hair. I was nervous as to what they would say but one of them said, "our handbook is kind of old-fashioned if they can't allow that color," and then another one said, "remember, Gel, your hair color doesn't define who you are as a person." And I did appreciate the positive remarks. Although, out of respect, I still tie my hair in a bun I am happy at how accepting and loving these people are at work especially because of the fact that they're my bosses.

My tattoos, my hair color, my shape, my size, and my color never stopped me from moving forward, being good at what I do, and getting promoted. It's my individuality talent that paved the way towards where I am right now. So, do not be afraid to express yourself and show people who you really are. Let your true self and true beauty speak for itself. 


  1. Heey! Good thing you overcome this kind of situation, being bullied. I personally salute people who strive hard and look at the brighter side for them to be a better person. Self esteem and confidence will improve. Well i'm Morena too and proud of it. We should be proud about it. We don't to have a fair skin to be beautiful. Agree? Anyhow good thing you were able to pull that hair color off. I can't imagine myself haha but looks good on you with no bola! :)

  2. We just have to flaunt what we got, girl! Back then, I really cared for what others think about me and now ... I don't. Society is really messed up right now especially the "beauty standards". I wish that women could understand that every one is unique and beautiful, and just stop bashing women.

    Your hair looks awesome! I wish I could rock colored hair tips too! :-)

    1. Thanks Alyanna. Try it out. Might look awesome on you too! :D

  3. That's great that they didn't really get mad at your work, but indeed it's also nice of you to respect the rules by tying it up. :) Personally, I like how it came out! I guess it became 'pink' because of how your hair color had mixed with their dye. Anyhow, much like you, I don't care much about what others say with whatever I want to do to my own body so, chin up! :)


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