Friday, April 10, 2015

That Summer Body We All Desire to Have


I often see this hashtag every January as part of someone's supposed New Year's Resolution list. To tell you quite frankly, I believe that there is nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight. In fact, I have lost a few pounds and would need to work out on losing more; however, the real question here is: for what purpose?

Alindog is a Filipino word which pretty much means allure or charm. And by those words, you can clearly say that it's all about the physical or outside appearance of a person; hence when you say Balik Alindog Program, it basically implies to the desire of a person to get back to his or her original alluring or charming state; and most often than not, it means being thinner or losing the pounds to be more attractive.

Why are you trying to lose weight again?

Again, I have nothing against losing weight. The reason why I lost (and is currently still losing) weight is because I needed it for health purposes. My doctor asked me to work extra hard in losing weight because my PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) is kicking in again. When one has PCOS, it would be harder for her to lose weight and if I let myself grow bigger, the other effect would be a possible infertility. Hey, I want to have kids in the future! And so I work on losing some pounds targeting the ideal weight my doctor gave me. She told me, though, that I shouldn't rush into losing it because that part can lead to a different unhealthy lifestyle.

June 2013 - First time that I posted a sleeveless outfit and a swimwear
I believe that best way to lose and maintain a certain target weight is to have a healthy goal; and that is what BODY LOVE, ultimately is about. It is all about loving your body and staying healthy. There are bigger people who are healthy and there are those who are unhealthy; same as there are thinner people who are healthy and there are those who are unhealthy as well. It is never about the body shape. It is how you take care of your body's well-being.

That Beautiful You: As Cliché as It May Seem

December 2013 - When I lost weight
Having that 36-26-36 vital statistics will never be the ultimate hotness test. I was reminded about it when  I showed my boyfriend some of my old photos (2013) when I lost so much weight.

ME: Love, look! I was so hot.
BF: Wrong use of verb, love.
ME: Huh?
BF: Not was, but should be is. Because you are still hot.
ME: <3

Okay, that was cheesy; but come to think of it, I am only as hot as I think I am. Why would I want to comply with the society's view on what's hot when my partner finds me beautiful, my friends love me for just being me, my family accepts me for whoever I was and who I will become, and all my health-related vitals are normal. So what should I be worried about?

Love your body; and in loving it, you need acceptance and the genuine desire to take care of it and keep it healthy. People are born differently and even our bone structures vary. We can never be as thin or as curvy as how some people are and even if we can, do we have healthy reasons to do so or do we desire and crave for it because we want other people to admire and find us attractive?

Angela Leopard Triangle Monokini (The Plump Pinay's Shop)
Angela Stripes Triangle Monokini (The Plump Pinay's Shop)
You are only as beautiful as how you think you are. As cliché as it may sound, that's the truth. And regardless if you are plussize or not, your body will still be a summer body and no one can stop you from wearing that tankini or bikini you so desire to sport.

Maxine Navy Blue 2-piece Midriff Bustier with Skirtini (The Plump Pinay's Shop
Maxine White 2-Piece Midriff Bustier with Skirtini (The Plump Pinay's Shop)
I will never condone to the society's assumption of what is a summer body and what is not. If I want to show my belly, I will. If I want to show my arms, no one can stop me. I love my body, I am healthy, I am taking the necessary steps to keep it healthy, so no one can tell me that what I am doing is wrong. Now if people find it distasteful, they can always choose to look away. What matters is, I am beautiful regardless of what they say because I said so and that is the only opinion I am listening to.


Thanks to The Plump Pinay girls for letting me use some of the photos from their Swimsuit collection. You can check out their swimwear line by clicking here!


  1. LOVE THIS POST!!!! So many nuggets of wisdom :) Thanks for sharing our photos and being an inspiration to many plumpies Gellie!!! <3

    1. You're welcome, girls! And thanks for being an inspiration to everyone! <3

  2. Well, I totally agree with your le bf, you still look hot! ^^ But the "If i want to show my belly, I will" is definitely the bomb in this post! :)

  3. Wow, you're really so hot, and you are so beautiful too. I love it, and you inspired me.

  4. You're so pretty!!!! Looking good this summer ;)

  5. This is a very inspiring post! I love the plump pinay ladies! Super love how true and genuine they are. :) Anyway, you look so sexyyy na sis!! Grabe you lost so much weight nga!!! Congrats sis so proud of ya! :)


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