Thursday, April 16, 2015

During Days Like These: How I Deal With Stress

Everyone wants to be promoted, yes? But you should also know that with a promotion comes more responsibility. Yes, more money, but again more responsibility. Truth be told, I love our organization and the work I do in it but things can be REALLY stressful especially if you're not a rank and file employee who just gets in by 8:00 AM and leaves by 5:00 PM. That was me when I just started working, but everything's different now.

On weekends, I still do work, receive calls, call people, and even go on working dates with the boyfriend. Is it healthy that I think of work 24/7? Well, I don't know but I NEED TO. When I was still a rank and file employee years back, I was one of those who complain about the bosses getting bigger salaries yet they do nothing but delegate tasks, attend meetings, and travel. And now, I fully understand what they go through.

I have been extra stressed these past few days and because of that, I needed to do various things to keep my sanity intact.

A Spa Night can go a long way. I decided to go to the spa to get a body scrub and body massage, but then afterwards, I got the itch to get a facial too because of this zit on my forehead. It's just one zit but I will be on travel this weekend and I need to look decent! And so I went to this derm clinic in Dolores (San Fernando, Pampanga) to get my facial, Diamond Peel, and an eye treatment. Afterwards, I also decided to just also get my underarm and Brazilian wax since they also offer those services. I went home with a smile on my face ready to just lie down and sleep. It was a relaxing night, indeed.

Get a comfort movie and buy some chips and beer. When I'm feeling depressed or stressed, a good movie can also be of help. I usually watch The Devil Wears Prada, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, or I can also go for a good series like reruns of Drop Dead Diva or continue Once Upon A Time and Doctor Who. And before I usually go home, I stop by at 7/11 to buy a big bag of potato chips and a two bottles of beer. I will just lounge on my sofa and watch until it's 11:00 PM, and then go try and get some sleep. It works.

Visit the people who matters to you. Well, I guess it only applies if you already live on your own. The other day, I went to Katipunan to have dinner with the boyfriend after his work and then I stayed for the night at my parents' place in Valenzuela to see how they're doing and be with the people whom I love most in the world. Don't laugh but I did sleep beside my mom. I guess I missed her that much.

Spend some time alone. It's been quite awhile since I spent the weekend at my parents' place. I usually go back to Manila on weekends but recently, aside from work, I kind of just wanted to stay at my place, wake up late, order fast food, stalk people on Facebook and watch Buzz Feed videos. Seriously, I do that. I just make sure that I won't open my work email so that I won't be reminded of how much stress I need to deal with once this dream day is done. Trust me, being alone can sometimes be one of the most divine experiences you can have.

Some people may be baffled about why I still stay with my work even though I'm often stressed. Well, even though things can be really stressful at times, these are things I love doing. I mean, not everyone can get a job that pays good and helps you live out your passion, right?


  1. Yes. More responsibilities when you are promoted and whatnot even it's a good thing. But well if we love what we do and we wants to stay with our work we just have to adjust. I remembered before when I was working, I don't stay at home when I have my 2 days off. I see to it I could chill elsewhere just to feel that I am not stress. That's how I cope up with it since i'm alone in Cebu. But carry m yan! Andyan nmn si ever supportive boyfie even you're busy. In time chill2 nalang sa work. Ngayon lng yan. Promise! Sna ako din soon! Haha


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