Tuesday, June 16, 2015

It's My 4th Year Blog Anniversary

My blog just turned four years old this June. Happy Anniversary to me, yey!

For the first two years of my blog, I've often held a giveaway because I have so much free time in my hands; however, I'd like to do something different this year since I have been really busy with work and other things in my personal life.

You all know that blogging is not the only thing I do to earn (and I don't even earn much from blogging, truth be told) as I need to keep a fulltime job so I can maintain this and keep writing. Writing is, after all, my passion. They say if you do what you love doing then you'll never have to work a single moment in your life... Or something like that. But when I tried working as a writer, trust me, it drained me so much that I almost hated writing. Well, don't get me wrong, I still love what I do. Marketing and PR is one of the things I love doing and what I'm good at hence I tried making a living out of it... Voila! I'm the Marketing and the Communications Officer of SHARING.

Anyway, let's go back to my blog.

Gelleesh.com started out from being a beauty blog and now I talk about fashion, my travels, places to eat, and even my personal advocacies - supporting local goods and body love. I would like to believe that my blog has slowly evolved to being more of a personal blog where I share the things I love, my thoughts about certain issues, and those that my readers often ask me about. Blogging has become my outlet when I am stressed at work. It's what reminds me of how I love my life and how many people I have inspired because of how I never gave up despite of the many boulders I have encountered along the way.

When I was in Manila, I used to have so many blogging events to attend to and products to review; but because I moved to San Fernando (Pampanga), my blogging life has been more peaceful, I think. Well, don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind still attending events because there would be times when I'd go back to Manila just to attend one that I think is worth attending and I still get a few product review requests every now and then, but the move to the province has made me write more about myself and I am surprised at how some of my readers actually prefer it that way.

I don't blog for the fame. I don't blog for the events. I don't blog for the freebies. I blog because I love to write. I blog because you've told me how I've inspired you. I blog because I have created an impact to some people's lives and I would still want to create more (positive) impact and even influence more people. I blog because I just love to. Do I need any more reason?

My advice to new bloggers,

Blog what you love and blog because you wanted to and not just for the events and freebies. To tell you quite frankly though, there is nothing wrong with blogging to earn but make sure that you would also take into consideration using your "influence" for a good purpose and never take CONTENT for granted.  Content is king... And that is the best lesson I've learned in blogging.

Think about your readers too and the people who've helped you along the way. It never hurts to look back and thank the people who've been a part of who you are and where you've been now.

Thank you everyone for continuously visiting and reading my blog posts. I may not have a grand giveaway for my blog anniversary, but I've got so many stories to share. I hope you'll appreciate that instead.

See you next post!

P.S. And I also hope you love my new more minimalist layout


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    Events are tricky. Sometimes, the timing is just off for someone who isn't a full-time blogger and I get social anxiety haha.

    As for content is king... IDK, I'm on the fence on this because I think design is king and content is queen? HAHAHA like if I visit a new blog and the design is a mess and the words are hard to read, I lose interest even though I like the topic. But then I also wouldn't keep visiting a well-designed blog if the content sucks. MAYBE THEY CAN BE BOTH KINGS.

    1. Hahaha! I get your point. Come to think of it, there are blogs na I kind of lost interest kasi their design is... blah... Or too crowded, masyadong maraming elements, nakaka-OC ang photos. LOL

  2. Happy Anniversary Ms.Gellie!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary to your blog :)

  4. Happy Anniversary and more posts to come :)


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